Freedom in Flight

By Danny Jackson, CHT, M.NLP| October 1st, 2019|

Freedom in Flight | Hypnosis MP3

Did you know that a recent study found that over 70% of people experience travel anxiety! You Are Not Alone… Symptoms include worry, apprehension, nervousness, and more.  Orlando Hypnosis Clinic’s Freedom in Flight can help you end your fear of flying where and when you need it. Put an end to sweaty palms, shortness of breath, [...]

By Danny Jackson, CHT, M.NLP| September 27th, 2019|

Deep Sleep Hypnosis Mp3

Enjoy our Deep Sleep Hypnosis recording. This session helps encourage restful sleep. In less than 60 minutes you can experience the benefits, as you develop the skills to sleep deeply as soon as your head hits the pillow. Simply sit back and listen to this terrific hypnosis session, as Deep Sleep Hypnosis ensures you get a great night's sleep every time you go to bed, giving you the strength to cope with the heavy demands of modern-day living.

By Danny Jackson, CHT, M.NLP| March 14th, 2018|

Free Stress Release Hypnosis MP3

While we are often unable to do anything about what we perceive to be the cause of our stress, what we are able to do is to change our internal response. This hypnosis MP3 download can help you to do just that - manage your stress and banish the symptoms - allowing you to feel happier, calmer, more relaxed and far more confident too.

By Danny Jackson, CHT, M.NLP| March 3rd, 2018|

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