Hipnoterapia para el Miedo a Volar

¿Por qué nosotros? Usando la hipnoterapia usted puede llegar a la fuente de su miedo a volar y resolver su causa en tan sólo una sesión.

Se ha comprobado que la hipnoterapia ayuda con los miedos y las fobias, pero particularmente bien con la aviofobia o el miedo a volar en la Clínica de Hipnosis de Orlando. Muchas personas experimentan miedo a volar. Incluso hemos trabajado con pilotos de aerolíneas. La hipnoterapia es un método rápido recomendado para superar este miedo o fobia y seguir adelante con su vida.

  • Las sesiones pueden ser en la oficina, en su casa o incluso a través de Skype.
  • Nuestro programa de hipnoterapia para la aviofobia o el miedo a volar tiene una tasa de éxito del 98% y ha sido fuerte durante más de diez años.
  • Nuestro hipnotizador para la aviofobia se especializa en hipnoterapia, fobias, PNL, TCC y recuperación.
  • Usted puede completar este programa en tan sólo una o dos sesiones.

Hipnoterapia para el Miedo a Volar

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Superó el Miedo a Volar desde 2007!
Tasa de éxito
  • I went to the Orlando hypnosis clinic hoping to overcome a fear of flying I’ve carried for my entire adult life, the simple thought of being in an airport would give me crippling anxiety. I met with Danny and did... read more

    Phillip Fisher Avatar
    Phillip Fisher
  • positive review The subconscious is so powerful, the staff and Danny Jackson, fine tune it for positive maximum results.

    Pana Italiano Avatar
    Pana Italiano
  • It’s been 9 months since I went in to see Danny! And I intentionally waited to write this review to see if I was really anxiety free and I am! I can’t express my gratitude to him enough. He... read more

    Tausha Avatar
  • Danny and the whole staff here are amazing! I came as a first timer, and have had a great experience. The staff will make you feel very comfortable and at ease when you visit. Danny has a positive and effective... read more

    Anon ymous Avatar
    Anon ymous
  • Danny and the whole staff here are amazing! I came as a first timer, and have had a great experience. The staff will make you feel very comfortable and at ease when you visit. Danny has a positive and effective... read more

    Anon ymous Avatar
    Anon ymous
  • Kim got me back up on my horse after an accident. I was extremely fearful of even walking while riding. After 6 sessions, I'm back in the saddle, fully confident- & happy! Thank you for giving me... read more

    Susan Sackett MBA Avatar
    Susan Sackett MBA
  • positive review amazing visit!!! very professional and amazing staff

    Raul Addarich Avatar
    Raul Addarich
  • Great meeting with Danny! went in for a little course correction and he helped right the boat. Very knowledgable and easy to work with. First class customer service from his staff and very nice office.

    Jason Cooper Avatar
    Jason Cooper
  • I had such a great experience with Danny! After years of traditional individual therapy and marriage counseling I was still having libido and intimacy issues in my relationship. My husband and I decided to give hypnotherapy a try and I... read more

    Beth Good Avatar
    Beth Good
  • So I have been dealing with hurt, pain, anxiety, depression, and deep seated anger for a LONG time. This is only my second session with Danny Jackson, and I definitely got more than I bargained for.

    I originally set up the...
    read more

    Christopher Rosario Avatar
    Christopher Rosario
  • Hypnosis is something I have been researching and considering for several years. I am a successful executive, entrepreneur and fitness athlete. I sought out Orlando hypnosis and Danny Jackson to help me achieve that next level of success, that final... read more

    chris thompson Avatar
    chris thompson
  • Great experience with Kim and Danny. The process is comfortable, evidence based and the results speak for itself.
    I recommend that anyone struggling with panic/anxiety explore this option. It's been a nice change with faster results than traditional therapy.

    Kristina P Avatar
    Kristina P
  • I recommend Danny Jackson hands down! Danny's sessions have helped me refocus and rationalize many parts of my life that I struggled with for some time. I found even after my initial session, a shift in my thinking and behavior,... read more

    Diabetic Movement Avatar
    Diabetic Movement
  • The best Hypnotists in Orlando, Florida! Any doubts you have about hypnosis therapy will be driven away after talking to the team here at Orlando Hypnosis Clinic. The environment is warm and welcoming, and you will leave clear-headed... read more

    Quinlan Noelle Avatar
    Quinlan Noelle
  • When I found Danny Jackson, I was going through a very difficult time in my life. Through Danny I was able to get the help I needed and move on. Danny is an excellent person and professional who I would... read more

    Zenobia Beckley Avatar
    Zenobia Beckley
  • I am on my 4th session of 6 sessions. It has been an incredible journey to my subconscious self. A place where I have never been before. I have learned so much about myself and so... read more

    Donald Beckley Avatar
    Donald Beckley
  • 5 star ratingDanny is a excellent profissional,kind and caring.  He will get to the root of your problems. I will recommend Danny and the Orlando Hypnosis Clinic to everyone dealing with any difficult times in your life.

    Zenobia B. Avatar
    Zenobia B.
  • Great experience! The were very friendly and helpful and it definitely helped me get over my fear of flying! Would definitely recommend it to anyone!!!

    Erik Myers Avatar
    Erik Myers
  • Absolutely the best investment I’ve made. After 20 years of going to traditional therapy, Danny was a God send. I first tried Orlando Hypnosis Clinic for smoking cessation. Danny made my fear of quitting completely vanish. The results were so... read more

    Erica Vanessa Lau Avatar
    Erica Vanessa Lau
  • I was too the point where I tried everything to overcome anxiety and depression. I went to 7 sessions and it took aways my anxiety once the session ended. The depression left a few week later. I was able to... read more

    shavonta gaynor Avatar
    shavonta gaynor
  • One session and I've quit smoking after 40+ years. Not looking back!!!

    Karen Barrows Avatar
    Karen Barrows
  • Walked in a TRAIN WRECK left with a remarkable sense of FREEDOM. Years of therapy never really addressed my CORE BELIEFS. Entire staff treated me like ROYALTY. Soothing , professional environment begins with being greeted by Mr. Manny the receptionist.... read more

    Dey Bodre Cabrera Avatar
    Dey Bodre Cabrera
  • It’s human nature to be skeptical, but Kim won me over. I haven’t slept better in YEARS. My life is measurably better.

    Todd Stewart Avatar
    Todd Stewart
  • Walked in a TRAIN WRECK left with a remarkable sense of FREEDOM. Years of therapy never really addressed my CORE BELIEFS. Entire staff treated me like ROYALTY. Soothing , professional environment begins with being greeted by Mr. Manny the receptionist.... read more

    Dey Bodre Cabrera Avatar
    Dey Bodre Cabrera
  • It’s human nature to be skeptical, but Kim won me over. I haven’t slept better in YEARS. My life is measurably better.

    Todd Stewart Avatar
    Todd Stewart
  • Kim was like an angel for me. I suffered silently as long as I can remember. Before my 1st session I thought the depression and negative emotions were part of my identity. I believed I had to hide this part... read more

    Cory Bunton Avatar
    Cory Bunton
  • I recommend Danny Jackson hands down. I suffered from Agoraphobia since I was young but in the past 3 years it intensified. After trying many other forms of healing and not feeling any better I contacted Orlando Hypnosis, specifically Danny... read more

    Mariola Santaliz Avatar
    Mariola Santaliz
  • positive review I am so excited. This has been an amazing experience. Since my second session I have been free from alcohol and so much more. My quality of life back is back, I haven't felt this good in years. Everything that... read more

    Laurie Stotler King Avatar
    Laurie Stotler King
  • 5 star ratingI was having difficulty giving up alcohol. I have a busy life running a business etc. and I couldn't take months out of my life to go to rehab, so I considered hypnosis.
    I am amazed! I have been free...
    read more

    Laurie K. Avatar
    Laurie K.
  • In March of 2015 I attended Orlando Hypnosis for high levels of anxiety, stress, and panic attacks. At the time It was my junior of college and I had reached an all time low. It consumed my life. I... read more

    Viviane Fracasso Avatar
    Viviane Fracasso
  • Good service and efficient systems. Very generous too. I was offered MP3 downloads without a fee and even for my wife who was not a client. Danny was very patient and his treatment helped.

    Silva Kandiah Avatar
    Silva Kandiah
  • Done years and years of therepy and nothing seemed to truly help. Found Danny online and wasn't complelty convinced it would help but gave it a try. Went for anxiety and depression. Its been almost two years now and i... read more

    Taylor Hageman Avatar
    Taylor Hageman
  • Danny and the Orlando Hypnosis Clinic provide professional, comforting, and effective services. Danny Jackson has helped changed my life drastically through hypnosis and hypnotherapy. With Danny's help, I am living my best life and I am the happiest... read more

    Michelle Garcia Avatar
    Michelle Garcia
  • Emotional Help My experience with receiving hypnosis therapy with Danny Jackson was phenomenal. I started noticing serious ups and downs in my emotions about 2 years ago. Of course I took the traditional steps of going to counseling therapy and a psychiatrist.... read more

    J. Johnson Avatar
    J. Johnson
  • If you’re struggling with anxiety or in a rut, stuck on a problem... call and ask for Danny. This will change your life and get you back on track to be your best self.

    Leticia Riley Avatar
    Leticia Riley
  • Gracias a Hipnosis center y a mi Terapista Danny por el magnífico trabajo que hizo conmigo, muy profesional y realmente no sabía que esperar de una terapia de hipnosis, pero si puedo decirles que me ha ayudado a superar... read more

    Bibiana Camargo Avatar
    Bibiana Camargo
  • Danny is a person that truly cares. I was very comfortable from the reception desk to the therapy space. I knew going in that my issues could not be resolved in one visit.
    I had not been able to cry for...
    read more

    Beth Vestal Avatar
    Beth Vestal
  • I have been through SO many facilities, self-help centers, 12 step programs etc. BUT it was not until introduced to the Orlando hipnosis clinic under the care of Danny Jackson where I saw my breakthrough and ... read more

    darren leider Avatar
    darren leider
  • I came to Dani at a very difficult time in my life. He coached me through the entire process and in just one short month I made a complete 180. You start feeling the effects of the treatment after one session.

    Liudmila Laxague Avatar
    Liudmila Laxague
  • The Orlando Hypnosis Clinic was my last shot at finding a solution to my frustration with my golf game. I play with my wife ( she is pretty good ) and years ago I had the skills to be competitive... read more

    Melvin Demers Avatar
    Melvin Demers
  • I had so much going on with me that I felt like something was missing in my life and after taking so many things for depression, anxiety and to lose weight I decided it was enough,... read more

    Dolores Soriano Avatar
    Dolores Soriano
  • Agoraphobia This year I had gone from being unable to drive from fear to literally not leaving my house. Danny came out to my home for four visits. It didn't even cost extra and I fell back to normal again. Very... read more

    Denise Bunch Avatar
    Denise Bunch
  • For years my Fiance' has tried to quit smoking. She tried everything. Patch. Gum. Cold turkey. Vaping. Hooka. Fancy Cigarillos. She had quite for 4 years once, but then relapsed back onto the habit. I was apprehensive at first, but... read more

    Amiet Gill Avatar
    Amiet Gill
  • After 10+ years of smoking - one session and I haven't smoked since. I've been waiting to write a review to see if it 'stuck' and so far so good! March 1st 2018 after a super hectic day at work... read more

    Jaimie Walter Avatar
    Jaimie Walter
  • I've been waiting to write this review!! I've been smoke free now since March 1st. I've been a smoker for over 25 years. There is no good reason to not give this a chance. We spend our money on... read more

    Jaimie Leigh Bell Avatar
    Jaimie Leigh Bell
  • Weight Loss I went to Orlando hypnosis clinic for what I was sure was another hype advertised for losing weight. But I was willing to try anything. These people are so nice! It's been thirty days on the nose and I have... read more

    Randy L Avatar
    Randy L
  • Stopped Smoking Quit smoking here in just one session 5 months ago and still smoke-free and loving it.

    hyonglin Avatar
  • Skype Hypno- Coaching Program I highly recommend Orlando Hypnosis Clinic. I have been using the best year ever program via Skype and personal and professional life is getting better every day. Danny is genuine and caring.

    Ethan Ang Avatar
    Ethan Ang
  • 1st Visit I had my first visit with Danny today and it went really good. I felt very comfortable opening up and talking to Danny about my problems. After spending a hour or so going over what session I would be going... read more

    Glenn Bailey Avatar
    Glenn Bailey
  • Eating Disorder Child My son refused to eat anything except hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, some cereals but never other meats or veggies. It was not a discipline thing. He literally became ill when he tried. At 11 years old it was starting... read more

    James E. Fisher Avatar
    James E. Fisher

Hipnoterapia para el Miedo a Volar y Cómo Funciona

Si alguna vez has experimentado el miedo a volar, estarás muy familiarizado con lo que se siente. En lugar de esperar su viaje o vacaciones, usted está anticipando el vuelo. Una vez que usted ha llegado a su destino, gran parte de su tiempo de disfrute se dedica realmente a anticipar el vuelo de regreso a casa.

Incluso esperar para abordar el avión puede ser insoportable, ya que su mente comienza a girar con cientos de escenarios de"qué pasaría si". Sus nervios se sienten nerviosos, y usted está muy enfocado hacia adentro, prestando muy poca atención a otras personas o cosas a su alrededor. En efecto, te ves envuelto en la preocupación y el miedo. Al entrar en el avión, las cosas empeoran, y es posible que experimente una sensación de "atrapamiento" muy similar a la claustrofobia. Su frecuencia cardíaca puede estar elevada y su estómago puede sentirse incómodo, incluso puede sentir náuseas.

Una vez que el avión está en el aire, te vuelves hipersensible a cada pequeño ruido y turbulencia durante el vuelo. Algunas personas intentarán "automedicarse" su miedo a volar bebiendo mucho durante el vuelo, aunque obviamente esta no es una solución ideal, e incluso puede empeorar las cosas en muchos casos.

Después del 11 de septiembre de 2001, los psiquiatras y terapeutas de todo Estados Unidos comenzaron a notar un aumento significativo en el número de pacientes con miedo a volar. La hipnosis ha demostrado ser una herramienta valiosa para ayudar con fobias y miedos irracionales, como el miedo a volar, e incluso hay CDs y MP3s de hipnosis de hipnoterapeutas experimentados hechos a medida para esta fobia específica. (Hacemos eso, también)

Algunas personas hacen sus planes de vacaciones o viajes y luego no empiezan a pensar en la parte del viaje aéreo hasta una o dos semanas antes. Algunos no piensan en ello hasta unos días antes, y sí, otros no empiezan a pensar en su miedo hasta que ya están a bordo del avión y volando a su destino.

Con todos estos diferentes tipos de respuestas para el mismo problema, usted podría pensar ¿cómo podría funcionar un tipo de solución para todos? La respuesta simple es que puede funcionar para todos porque las respuestas son todas iguales con respecto al sentimiento que se plantea. Y es la respuesta a ese sentimiento lo que causa los problemas.

Te mereces poder experimentar todos esos sentimientos excitados que realmente te hicieron sentir especial. Sabes, te vas de vacaciones. Y esas vacaciones no deben ser aisladas sólo por el tiempo que pasas en tu destino haciendo cosas divertidas. También debe incluir su anticipación de todas las cosas divertidas que planea hacer. Y toda la emoción que se acumula en la expectativa de toda esa diversión por venir. Ya no tienes que perderte esos sentimientos.

¿Cuántas sesiones de hipnoterapia se necesitarán?

Eso depende de usted y de su situación actual, pero por lo general una y posiblemente un seguimiento si es necesario. Le daremos una consulta gratuita para tener una idea general de"dónde está" en lo que respecta al miedo a volar y determinar si usted es un candidato para nuestro Programa de Hipnoterapia para el Miedo a Volar. Su hipnoterapeuta puede, después de una sesión de hipnosis, darle un estimado bastante definido de lo que le tomará abordar un avión cómodamente sin ansiedad.

Las técnicas de hipnosis e hipnoterapia incorporadas en este programa le ayudarán a usted o a su ser querido (incluso a sus hijos) a realizar rápidamente cambios importantes en el nivel inconsciente de la mente, lo que puede eliminar completamente estos miedos irracionales y el pánico. Por lo tanto, si busca razones para no visitar a amigos y familiares, no ir a bodas en la ciudad, conducir a destinos lejanos en lugar de volar, experimentar ansiedad ante la idea de volar en un avión, es hora de que se dé a sí mismo una oportunidad y nos llame hoy mismo.

Cualquiera que sea la razón por la que quieras tener éxito en volar sin miedo, la hipnoterapia puede liberarte de este problema. La hipnosis o hipnoterapia es la herramienta que se utiliza con elegancia para hablar con la parte de ti que tiene la respuesta a tus emociones. Sus emociones les están diciendo algo y una parte de ustedes lo está creyendo totalmente y siguiendo ciegamente sin ningún aporte de la otra parte de ustedes que quiere disfrutar plenamente de viajar como todos los demás. Incluso poder dormir cómodamente en el avión durante el vuelo es algo que usted debe y puede hacer.

Para la mayoría de las personas, las ideas y perspectivas positivas que se reciben aumentan la autoestima y la confianza. La responsabilidad personal por uno mismo, los pensamientos y las acciones vuelve a ser una realidad, al igual que la recuperación continua. Pero además, la hipnoterapia tiene un efecto positivo en todos los aspectos de la vida de una persona.

  • Puede ser usado en conjunto con cualquier red de apoyo o programa de terapia que esté usando actualmente.
  • A menudo podemos arreglar para venir a usted Y si usted está dentro de 30 millas de nuestra oficina - no es NINGÚN CARGO EXTRA.
  • Es asequible. Si ha probado otros programas, sabe lo importante que es esta parte.
  • No hay que esperar, le prometemos que le haremos una consulta lo antes posible. Su imaginación de conseguir su vida de nuevo en el camino y queremos ayudar hoy.
Empiece ahora mismo!

Hipnoterapia Consultar por adicción al alcohol

Consulta Gratuita Sin Obligación

  • Consulta inicial gratuita para obtener respuestas a todas sus preguntas.
  • Elección de sesiones en casa, en la oficina o a través de Skype
  • Completa este programa en el plazo de una semana.
  • Flexibilidad de horarios en las noches y fines de semana.
  • Soporte 24 horas al día, 7 días a la semana. Siempre hay alguien disponible para usted cuando lo necesite.
Comience hoy mismo!

Free Stress Release MP3

Hipnosis libre del lanzamiento de la tensión Mp3Esta sesión es grabada por Danny Jackson, CHT. Está diseñado para liberar el estrés y proporcionar métodos mejorados para manejar el estrés....

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