How do I know if I am a good candidate for Hypnosis?

Odds are good that if you are reading this you are a good candidate. Contrary to popular opinion, hypnotizability has absolutely nothing to do with gullibility. In fact, people who are intelligent and creative are the best candidates for hypnosis. In order to determine how susceptible you will be to hypnosis, we will do some testing before we start.

Most people are able to experience hypnosis and generally find it to be a relaxing, healing journey. If you are able to become engrossed in watching a movie, or reading a good book, the chances are hypnosis will work for you. It is not advisable to book a session when you don’t have the time to relax and enjoy it. Most session run between ninety minutes and two hours.

Some psychiatric problems, such as Schizophrenia, or Psychosis may not lend themselves to this modality. Please discuss any issues of this nature prior to booking a session during your free consultation. Please remember that hypnosis is a “consent state”, which means you are working in collaboration with the hypnotist to achieve your goals. At no time are you under the control of another person. Neither are you asleep.