Aren’t people who can easily be hypnotized just gullible, stupid or weak-minded?

Quite the opposite! A gullible, unintelligent or weak-minded person (example: IQ of 70) is incapable of maintaining the necessary focus and concentration necessary to go into the hypnotic state.

This isn’t true. In fact the exact reverse is probably more true. The higher your intelligence and the stronger your self-control, the more easily you are hypnotized.  That’s because entering a hypnotic trance is all about concentrating, so people with mental deficiencies can find it difficult.

Finding it hard to enter a hypnotic state doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you. People naturally vary in how susceptible they are to hypnosis and also how they’re reacting to their surroundings.  Studies have shown that around 30% of people are relatively resistant to being hypnotized. Although, with effort, an accomplished hypnotherapist can usually help someone achieve that state.

The people who can concentrate well and have a creative imagination often make the best hypnotic “subjects.” People with these valuable attributes can enter a state of hypnosis with ease. We are all susceptible to suggestion, but it is just a matter to what degree. If someone is offering something which is useful, then it’s easy to work toward achieving it. It would be quite the opposite to work against something that can help you.