Is hypnosis mind control?

No, hypnosis is not mind control. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. The hypnotist can not make you do or say anything you ordinarily would not do, unless you wanted to. You remain in control with clinical hypnotherapy.

Oftentimes clients are unsure, or frightened, of hypnosis. Their image of hypnosis is based on movies, or on stage hypnotists. These images do not represent the reality, or the potential, of clinical hypnotherapy..

  1. Stage hypnotists put out a call for willing audience participants—a self-selecting sample that excludes those too reserved or circumspect to participate in, what is, essentially, a show. The hypnotist then reduces the pool further by testing for “hypnotizability,” rejecting those who don’t respond immediately. The finely-strained sample that remains on stage for the demonstration is a select group, looking for fun and open to the suggestions that might yield that fun.
  2. Movies, well, they are, quite simply, fiction, and the image of the hypnotist in film is sensationalized as part of the thrill of the film.

Neither of these represents the truth of clinical hypnosis.