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Danny Jackson, CHT, M.NLP
Danny Jackson, CHT, M.NLPPresident & Founder
Danny Jackson, CHT, M.NLP, is an experienced addictions counselor and hypnotherapist who has helped numerous people overcome the troubles of their lives using hypnosis and guided thought. His main areas of expertise are hypnosis, hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), emotional freedom therapy (EFT), substance abuse counseling, and anger management. He has focused his career on being a counselor, hypnotist, and speaker. He is affiliated with:

National Guild of Hypnotists
National Association of Hypnotherapists
Citrus County Hospice
American Alliance of Hypnotists

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Kimberly Farr, M.P.A., M.C.A.P.
Kimberly Farr, M.P.A., M.C.A.P.Clinician and Hypnotherapist
Kim has been working in Substance Abuse and Mental Health settings for the past 30 years. Her expertise lies in CBT, DBT, Integrative Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Anger Management, Family Therapy, Life Skills and Stress & Anxiety Reduction Practices. She has been a mentor in the field to those she has worked with as a Program Director and Clinical Director. She is a Master Level Certified Addiction Professional. She graduated from the University of Central Florida in Social Work with a Graduate Degree in Public Administration. She was the original Deputy Drug Court Administrator in Seminole County Drug Court and was the driving force to get this court started. She has also taught at the University of Central Florida in Criminal Justice teaching Correctional Interventions.

“My interest and compassion to help others through the use of Hypnotherapy came to me through my personal experience with NLP practices and various methods of meditation. I believe Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy is a practice to be used more widely in the future for addictions, phobias, and fears due to the expedited results within each individual.”

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Jeanine May, LMHC, CHT
Jeanine May, LMHC, CHTClinician and Hypnotherapist
Jeanine received her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Central Florida and her bachelors in Psychology from The University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She has been working in the field since 2012 and has been supervising clinicians since 2014, including as a clinical director for a detox facility.

Jeanine enjoys working with clients helping them improve their lives and reaching their goals. She has worked with a variety of populations; ranging from children to adults with substance use disorders as well as those with severe and persistent mental illnesses. She’s had extensive training in hypnosis and hypnotherapy, motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and trauma focused-cognitive behavioral therapy.

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Danielle Marie, CHT, M.NLP
Danielle Marie, CHT, M.NLPCertified Hypnotist
Danielle is an experienced hypnotist who has helped numerous people overcome tobacco, weight management issues, as well as unwanted emotions and behaviors through hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Her main areas of expertise are hypnosis, hypnotherapy, and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

After becoming certified at HMI in 2013, Danielle opted to train under her father Daniel Jackson. She is skilled in rapid transformation hypnotherapy for emotional disorders as well as traditional direct suggestion. To date, Danielle has never met a client that she couldn’t hypnotize.

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Chuck Harris - Bemer Therapist
Chuck Harris - Bemer TherapistBemer Physical Vascular Therapy - Therapist

Chuck Harris is a Bemer therapist who brings his many years of experience and expertise to Orlando Hypnosis Clinic. After suffering debilitating sports injuries that led to numerous surgeries and remaining in constant pain for years, Chuck turned to Bemer therapy daily for six months. He now enjoys his life pain-free…a goal he has for anyone who comes to him for help.  Click Here to learn about Bemer Therapy.

As a Bemer therapist, Chuck knows the importance of good blood flow throughout the body and its positive effect on the health of his clients. Time and time again, he has witnessed dramatic health turnarounds that range from regaining blood sugar balance, joint health and cardiac function to renewed energy, concentration, stress reduction, and more.

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  • Kim was like an angel for me. I suffered silently as long as I can remember. Before my 1st session I thought the depression and negative emotions were part of my identity. I believed I had to hide this part of myself from the world. It was my burden to... read more

    Cory Bunton Avatar
    Cory Bunton
    4 days ago
  • 5 star ratingMy reason for seeking Hypnotherapy was due to a new onset regarding a FEAR OF HEIGHTS. I developed this fear over the past two years. I have a personal history of skydiving, roller-coaster riding, rock climbing, etc., so this clearly became a very debilitating issue for me. The fear was... read more

    Mario M. Avatar
    Mario M.
    2 years ago
  • I came to Dani at a very difficult time in my life. He coached me through the entire process and in just one short month I made a complete 180. You start feeling the effects of the treatment after one session.

    Liudmila Laxague Avatar
    Liudmila Laxague
    7 months ago
  • I went to see Danny because my fear of heights started to hinder my daily life. I noticed I was starting to fear certain bridges, I would have panic attacks driving over them. I did not want my fear to spread to flying or other things. I had 4 appointments... read more

    Richard DiGiacco Avatar
    Richard DiGiacco
    7 months ago
  • I have been through SO many facilities, self-help centers, 12 step programs etc. BUT it was not until introduced to the Orlando hipnosis clinic under the care of Danny Jackson where I saw my breakthrough and miracle, never have I ever walked in complete freedom... read more

    darren leider Avatar
    darren leider
    7 months ago
  • I recommend Danny Jackson hands down. I suffered from Agoraphobia since I was young but in the past 3 years it intensified. After trying many other forms of healing and not feeling any better I contacted Orlando Hypnosis, specifically Danny and I had 6 sessions . I have to say,... read more

    Mariola Santaliz Avatar
    Mariola Santaliz
    2 months ago