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Failing to vet your hypnotherapist means you will waste your money.  An unfavorable encounter with a hypnotherapist may lead one to think the therapy or treatment is useless. Look for a hypnotherapist with a minimum of five years in the industry; ten years experience is better. Your hypnotist or hypnotherapist must have expertise applicable to your specific issue.

As in any profession, you will find that some hypnotherapists are exceptional. Additionally, you will run across some hypnotherapists that are inadequate. There are poor and skilled doctors, dentists, chiropractors, and other health suppliers, just like specific treatments or therapies might not work for every single individual. An experienced hypnotherapist will share that opinion and understands that.

Locating an Exceptional Hypnotherapist

An exceptional hypnotherapist will be pleased to talk about her or his successes. Don’t be scared to inquire about experiences and achievement rates. Look out for hypnotherapists who supply only obscure facts while at the same time stating they can help everybody.

Your hypnotherapist should offer the most advanced techniques & protocols in the field of clinical hypnosis & hypnotherapy. How do you find this out?

Choose a hypnotherapist that has received a degree in mental health. Not physical medicine, energy healing, acupuncture, mechanics, underwater basket-weaving, etc. Find an experienced hypnotherapist that can use critical thinking backed by experience in the mental health field to help you sort out the CAUSE of your emotional and emotionally driven behavioral issues that’s capable of getting down to the root cause of anxiety, depression, PTSD, fears, phobias and more.

Selecting a skilled hypnotherapist isn’t so different from choosing a dentist or doctor. You may begin by asking friends and family and colleagues. You could be amazed by the variety of individuals in your life who’ve experienced success. They could provide suggestions and recommendations you can utilize to get the absolute most.  Search online and read reviews.  Take your time as you would for any other professional.

Whether you’re attempting to lose weight, stop smoking, or cope with longstanding emotional issues or phobias, hypnotherapy may be a remarkably successful therapy.

Resolving the cause of a habit such as overeating or smoking requires that you’re ready for the change rather than fighting it. A fantastic hypnotherapist will start looking for the problem’s origin and then measure that with the patient’s willingness to or want to change. In the long run, an organized approach is much better,

Finding the hypnotherapist is not simple, but it’s necessary to shop around. We’ve eliminated the shopping since we have five hypnotherapists available. Each specializes in specific areas. Hypnotism can be an excellent way to reduce weight, quit smoking, and deal with deeper emotional issues, but only if you opt for the best provider. Knowing what to avoid and what to look for can help you avoid expensive errors and make the most suited decision the first time.

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Danny Jackson, CHT, M.NLP
Danny Jackson, CHT, M.NLPPresident & Founder
Danny Jackson, CHT, M.NLP opened Act Now Wellness Center in 2007 to help individuals with substance use disorder find permanent recovery. Danny had become disillusioned by the recidivism rates of traditional therapy. For a counselor striving to help people, the revolving door feel to the existing programs available for people trying to beat addiction were verging on hopeless. He decided to focus on what was going wrong and find a better solution for his clients.

Danny began reviewing an exhaustive study through SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) that included inpatient, outpatient, individual psychotherapy, and support programs data. Among many things, these studies showed that a person would go through substance abuse programs an average of seven times before being able to maintain their sobriety.

He began looking into how hypnosis and hypnotherapy could be applied to resolve the source of the emotional issues which were causing people to use rather than the other way around. Today, Orlando Hypnosis Clinic’s program that includes only eight sessions for substance abuse boasts a 94.6% success rate 13 years later!

Danny Jackson is an innovative, experienced addictions counselor and hypnotherapist who has helped numerous people overcome the troubles of their lives using hypnosis and guided thought. He has focused his career on changing lives.

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Kimberly Farr, MPA, MCAP
Kimberly Farr, MPA, MCAPClinician and Hypnotherapist
Kim Farr has been working in Substance Abuse and Mental Health settings for the past 30 years.

Her expertise lies in CBT, DBT, Integrative Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Anger Management, Family Therapy, Life Skills, and Stress & Anxiety Reduction Practices.

As a Program and Clinical Director, Kim was a mentor in the field to those with whom she has worked. She is a Master’s Level Certified Addiction Professional. Kim graduated from the University of Central Florida in Social Work with a Graduate Degree in Public Administration. She was the original Deputy Drug Court Administrator in Seminole County Drug Court and was the driving force to get this court started. Kim has also taught at the University of Central Florida in Criminal Justice teaching Correctional Interventions.

“My interest and compassion to help others through the use of Hypnotherapy came to me through my personal experience with NLP practices and various methods of meditation. I believe clinical hypnotherapy is a practice to be used more widely in the future for addictions, phobias, and fears due to the expedited results within each individual.”

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Anita Vargas, MSW, LCSW, CHT, MNLP
Anita Vargas, MSW, LCSW, CHT, MNLPClinician and Hypnotherapist
Anita Vargas MSW, LCSW is a clinical social worker who is joining the The Orlando Hypnosis Clinic. She is brining her knowledge and skills of over ten years to support clients achieve their desired goal. Anita has a working knowledge of health issues from more than a decade in a medical setting which has allowed her to provide emotional support to help clients cope with fears of living with a chronic illness, depression, anxiety and other life stressors. More recently she has has been trained in hypnotherapy to continue helping people develop insight, self-awareness, clarity and acceptance. Anita received her Bachelor of Science in Communication Disorders at the University of Central Florida before attaining her Master of Social Work at New York University.
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Ida Rivera, MA, RMHCI, CHT, LMHC
Ida Rivera, MA, RMHCI, CHT, LMHCClinician and Hypnotherapist
Ida Rivera is a graduate of Webster University, St. Louis, MO (Orlando, FL Campus) with a degree in Mental Health, Marriage and Family, Guidance Counseling and an undergraduate from Catholic University, Ponce, PR. Having worked with all ages from children to seniors since the ’80s, she is now bringing her wealth of experience and blending it with clinical hypnosis and hypnotherapy. She is fluent in French, English, Spanish, and Portuguese as well.

Ida is gentle in nature and, as a mother and therapist of many years, offers patience, understanding, and wisdom to her patients. Her strengths include helping her clients resolve emotional issues and behaviors stemming from severe trauma, substance abuse, and life-long mood disorders.

Ida’s skill garnered from helping people over the years is evident in the close attention to detail she offers all of her clients. She excels in crafting permanent solutions most of her peers would perceive as just multiple, overlapping diagnoses. Diagnoses that up until now displayed a minimal possibility for relief. She also works hard to show her clients that they are not just a walking diagnosis.

After having spent many successful years in the cognitive behavioral therapy industry, Ida now uses her those past experiences and knowledge blended with clinical hypnosis and hypnotherapy. This allows her to help her clients resolve unwanted behaviors and emotions at the source in just weeks for a faster, more innovative, and permanent outcome.

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Astrid Plaza
Astrid PlazaIntake Specialist
Astrid Plaza is making a successful career in behavioral healthcare. She offers interim support for our clients, their programs, financial and scheduling needs. She focuses primarily on support and communication for the best possible client experience. Astrid was chosen to be our communication hub because of her passion and love to serve others.

Astrid talks directly with our patients and their families, determining their needs, their medical history, physical and mental state, and unique requirements.

As your intake specialist, Astrid will work hard on facilitating communication between you and your clinician. This specific area is key to your success with our hypnosis and hypnotherapy programs. She is very knowledgable about hypnosis, hypnotherapy, and our programs.

Astrid will make sure if we are working with your physician that communication and progress are kept up to date for your benefit. She also will be available to discuss payment and finance options. She works tirelessly with our current clientele to ensure we can accommodate their busy schedules or find a workaround.

In short, Astrid is who you can count on between sessions if you need anything. Rest assured, she’s there because she genuinely cares.

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Jeanine May, LMHC, CHT
Jeanine May, LMHC, CHTClinician and Hypnotherapist
Jeanine received her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Central Florida and her bachelors in Psychology from The University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She has been working in the field since 2012 and has been supervising clinicians since 2014, including as a clinical director for a detox facility.

Jeanine enjoys working with clients helping them improve their lives and reaching their goals. She has worked with a variety of populations; ranging from children to adults with substance use disorders as well as those with severe and persistent mental illnesses. She’s had extensive training in hypnosis and hypnotherapy, motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and trauma focused-cognitive behavioral therapy.

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