Excellence! *I went in very doubtful this would work and had no clue how effective hypothesis was. I must say i felt very comfortable when Danny explained everything to me and was ready for my first session immediately. I went through 7 sessions and can truly say it is “AMAZING” the difference I feel and the confident I have to execute my task that is recognized. I have truly left a different person. Thank you Danny and staff. I would recommend your services to anyone.
Christian P
Deftly Skilled and Aptly Aware Review of Danny Jackson, CHT, M.NLP *Danny’s strong talents are not just in being able to effectively subdue you into immense tranquility, but also in being able to read into what it is that you’re trying to achieve and convey his words accordingly. You’ll almost feel as if he knew all along what brought you to him. He receptive towards your concerns and handles them with sensitivity, leaving the possible mental barriers one may have towards entering a hypnotic state asunder. I have enjoyed my experience with Danny, and am more inclined towards achieving my goals thanks to his wispful words of positivity. Look no further in finding a more suitable hypnotist to help mold your life into your highest self!
Carole M
Amazing *Went for a consultation and left feeling very impressed. I have struggled with addiction for many years now and had almost given up hope now I have renewed hope that I can beat this and finally have the life I want. Listened to some recording that were given to be for relaxation and was truly amazed.
Gloria K
Survey *This had been an incredible experience for me! The journey was a very positive memory and homework that I will continue to practice.
Effective therapy *With Jose as my hypnotherapist, I felt that the sessions were centered toward my personal issue instead of general issues (which I have encountered in past experiences with hypnosis).I felt it went directly to the root of the problem and now I can't wait to be the person I know I can be.
Steve W
Smoking cessation *I had grown frustrated trying to quit smoking on my own. I didn't want to use a patch or gum. I saw an ad on the internet for Orlando Hypnosis Center and decided it was worth trying. I was sent an MP3 to listen before my appointment. Truth told, after listening to the MP3, I had no desire to smoke but I went to my hypnosis session anyway. Only one session and now a year and a half later no desire to smoke...this works!!
Bobbi N
Great Boost *Whatever issue you need help with hypnosis is a great assistance to your resolve!
PERFECT Review of Danny Jackson, CHT, M.NLP *PERFECT
An asset to the community *Upon my first call, Melanie was very helpful in taking the time to explain different options to me and what the process would be like. Danny is skilled in cutting to the heart of the issue and developing a plan with you on how to attack the problem you are facing. They are both kind, helpful, and have a passion for improving peoples' lives. I felt comfortable throughout the whole process. Danny is skilled both as a counselor and a hypnotherapist - I do believe both are important to achieve maximum results. The services are wonderful and I truly feel the staff at this center have my best interest at heart.
Brittany Hackney
Severe Anxiety Review of Danny Jackson, CHT, M.NLP *Danny is the perfect example of a wonderful human being. I sought help for some severe anxiety issues following the death of my parents, and the results were outstanding! He is compassionate and professional. He made me feel very comfortable and at ease through the entire process. I could truly feel that he cared about me and my wellbeing. I would highly recommend Act Now Wellness Center. I tried traditional therapy, but I never could get to the root of the problem.Danny helped me identify and conquer the issue in just 4 short sessions. I can't wait to go back to stop smoking!
Jenn L
First Time *Today was the fisrt of 8 sessions of hypnotherapy with Danny. I really enjoyed the session and Danny's knowledge and care for my concerns. I would recommend Act Now Wellness to Family & Friends. I look forward to my next session and the life changing experiences.
Kimberly L
This works!! *I went to see Danny for a sugar habit, mainly soft drinks. I was drinking them throughout the day for a roller coaster energy high. I am active and eat well but this was one hurdle that I just couldn't get over. After several sessions with Danny my whole outlook has changed. Not only am I not drinking sugary drinks all day, I have lost weight, my energy level is up and my outlook on life in general is so much better. It's like coming out of a fog. Danny gives you the tools to make big changes in your life. If you are struggling with with a behavior or addiction then I 100% recommend the Orlando Hypnosis Clinic and Danny Jackson.
Yaya Neilson
Panic Attack & Anxiety *Up until now I've had panic attacks for over 6 years and as a last resort I went to Orlando Hypnosis Clinic about a month ago. They were able to explain to me why the pills and therapy hadn't worked for me. Next I went in for only four sessions of hypnotherapy. Danny was able to help me resolve what was causing me to be afraid in the. By the 2nd week I was able to drive again, go shopping and my life is back to normal. My husband says I'm like when we first met. Thank you guys for helping me find my smile.
Weight Loss *Excuse my funny name for a serious moment. Danny Jackson at Act Now Hypnosis & Wellness Center is amazing. A free consultation way over an hour where you are interviewed in order to see if hypnosis will help as it is not a good fit for certain individuals. He explains what hypnosis is and how it works. I brought a friend for comfort. I knew people who had used hypnosis for things like anger and to quit smoking. Decided to try it. After decades in therapy what could I lose? Danny made more progress in 5 visits than therapists did in a lifetime. He was able to find the root of all my problems, narrowed down to a single life changing event. Wow! Fat weight is coming off, no longer angry, sleeping very well, blood pressure and blood sugar has stabilized, no dietary cravings!!! I highly recommend at least a consultation. I fully support hypnosis therapy. I see why Danny is believed to be the best in Orlando. Much experience and training in different areas makes him a very knowledgeable person. A very positive person. His skill and desire to actually help people is remarkable. Thank you Danny Jackson and the 5 Path program at Act Now!
Major Depressive Disorder *I have dealt with MDD (Major Depressive Disorder) for the past several years and tried everything to try and overcome it. I tried therapy, medication, support groups, religion, self help programs, etc. Though the therapy, medication and religion did help, the symptoms were still there. After getting let go from yet another job and my relationship almost coming to an end, I knew I had to Act Now. After just one of my four sessions with Danny Jackson, I felt a change. My mind felt clearer. There was no more fog. I feel that we were able to get to the root cause of my issues and I was able to overcome lifelong issues. I never thought I would be able to overcome my depression and sadness that I constantly felt. But after going to 4 sessions, I see things differently now. Things that bothered me or upset me before, do not bother me now. I am able to be myself without fear. I am able to be in a healthy relationship without feeling constantly insecure. I am focused on work and achieving my dreams instead of being sad all the time. They even provided me with recordings to listen to that have helped me a great deal as well. If you are dealing with depression like I was, I highly recommend hypnotherapy with Act Now wellness center. It is the best thing I have done for myself. Thank you so much to Danny J and the team for your work.
Nicky Adams
Quit smoking *Quit smoking in one hypnosis session. Orlando Hypnosis Clinic gave me a program when in reality, it worked in just one visit! If you're reading this, try it. I promise, you won't be sorry. I smoked for 15 years. My mom went after me and quit smoking too. She had smoked for 43 years.
Adriana Adams
Panic Attacks *Up until now I've had panic attacks for over 6 years and as a last resort I went to Orlando Hypnosis Clinic about a month ago. They were able to explain to me why the pills and therapy hadn't worked for me. Next I went in for only four sessions of hypnotherapy. Danny was able to help me resolve what was causing me to be afraid in the. By the 2nd week I was able to drive again, go shopping and my life is back to normal. My husband says I'm like when we first met. Thank you guys for helping me find my smile.
Randy L
Smoking Cesssation *I quit smoking with Tammy 3 weeks ago and since the day of my session I haven't even had an urge. Thanks!
Kimberly H
Hypnotherapy *I just finished my 4 sessions with Tammy. I feel like a whole knew person. I feel more confident in myself and I find my mind clear. See I suffer from anxiety, confidence issues, feeling unworthy ect. Tammy has helped me over come all those negative self talks. She is professional and compassionate person. I highly recommend seeing her. Honestly, I wish I had more sessions with her because I LOVE how I feel after doing an hour-2 hour session.
Morgan R
Best experience *I had the best experience with Tammy. I was in a really bad spot for a long time. And only 1 session I have felt so much better when a problem arises or a stressful situation. She taught me techniques that are amazing!! I recommend hypnotherapy to anyone and everyone. Even if you aren't struggling with anything.
Steve F
Alcohol Addiction *Although I first started seeing Danny at the Act Now Wellness Center in mid-February 2014, I waited until now, May 30th, to write anything about it wanting to see how I would feel a few months later. I’m doing really good! This is so very surprising because not only have I been drinking for 40 years, but totally out of control for at least 10 with it getting worse and worse to the point I was averaging three alcohol related seizures a year - my first being in 2002. As a professional executive, my capabilities all but evaporated. I tried counseling, two court ordered, and numerous attempts at 12 step – didn’t work. I was highly skeptical that I could be hypnotized, but desperate, very desperate. I checked around with several hypnotherapists and found Danny to be the only one to take a “big picture” approach meaning not just give me a few sessions and then I would be magically cured. Danny wanted to get at the root cause that led me to drinking as well as restore my confidence afterwards. He also helped me with stress management, unusually high in my occupation as well as dealing with pain which I have far bigger problems with than most. While I remain nervous about relapse and know this will always take work and discipline on my part, the nervousness becomes less and less as time goes by. I have a ton of truly pressing problems, but despite it, I’m happy. Instead of going to “meetings” and constantly talking/thinking about alcohol, I’m thinking about what else I can do to be productive and successful again. I truly enjoy being alcohol free and finally getting things done that I’ve wanted to for years. I also enjoy getting into the “hypnotic zone” which I continue to do with MP3’s Danny gave me. I can’t claim this is a cure all for everyone. But I can tell you what happened to me. Thanks Danny!
Andy B. Brian
Relationship Help *I just wanted to say thank you to the "team". From the front office to the hypnotherapists you made me feel like a real person again. My wife and I are back on track and we couldn't have done it without all of your help.
David R. Smith
Anxiety *I have had severe difficulty with anxiety when I'm around groups of people as far back as junior high. Sweaty hands, dry mouth and even shaking to the point of having to leave even if I knew everyone. This weekend I went to a graduation celebration after my four session five path program at OHC and was actually the life of the party. I had so much fun with my old friends that we are getting together next weekend for golf. I couldn't have done this without Danny's help.
Betsy Linder
Pain Management *My doctor recommended to come here and see Danny for pain management. I went from and eight to a two in just one session. After the third session, I was virtually pain free. I can now manage my pain from home with the sessions he recorded for me. I'm finally back to work full time! This was a real life saver.
Lynn P
Great *Tamy is great I have recommended her to several friends and familY members
Kate Bubeica
Stage Fright *My concerns were addressed and acknowledged instantly. This shows the knowledge and experience are truly genuine. My two sessions with Dan Gordon handled my stage fright completely.
Shannon N
Trauma *This place is probably a lifesaver for so many people who are hopeless or searching for help and therapy and keep finding nothing good out there. Hypnosis is an amazing therapeutic tool and probably one of the best out there but few know of the true benefits. I'm so glad I found this place and tried it out. The therapists are caring and actually there to help people and will go out of their way to help inform and educate clients about how hypnotherapy works and its benefits. Danny was really kind helpful and understood the concepts of the mind healing etc far better than any other therapist I've ever been to. I had no idea how hypnotherapy worked and was a little skeptical of its benefits at first, but now I know it seems to be better than most other therapy modes out there and far more effective and in such a short time. I really recommend Danny because he is really informative and knowledgeable and will assist and help you in every step of the way. I have spent years trying to find therapists and people who understood trauma, or therapy etc, and couldn't find anyone. Hypnosis is a lifesaver- I had no idea it could be so great and am thrilled I found this place.
Egidio Concas
Alcohol Addiction *I had been labeled as an alcoholic for 9 years. Danny didn't call me an addict, he simply helped me get down to the event in my past that was causing me to want to drink and resolve it. For the first time in years, I have a future, not a label. Thanks for helping me get my life back.
Nikki Angel
Chronic Depression *I came in several months back but wanted to wait to review to see if the results I was experiencing were really permanent. Good news, my depression is a thing of the past and I am coming back for "My Best Year Ever" for help coaching with my career direction.
Denise Bunch
Agoraphobia *This year I had gone from being unable to drive from fear to literally not leaving my house. Danny came out to my home for four visits. It didn't even cost extra and I fell back to normal again. Very professional. I recommend their services to any and everyone.
Nick Adams
Depression *I suffered from clinical depression for decades. After losing yet another job, I decided to try hypnotherapy because the medications and therapy weren't working. They used a hypnosis program with me called five path to resolve the things that were causing me to feel sad and depressed. I feel so much better now, don't need to take meds and am interviewing for new jobs. Hypnosis is for real and amazing.
Kathy W
I Quit Smoking! *N/a
David S
Great work and proven results Review of Tammy Workman, CHT *Tammy has been very positive to work with and has specifically helped me a big issue and discovered several key factors to helping me get healthy and happier. I was skeptical of the process but the results speak for themselves. Thank you!
Randy L
Weight Loss *I went to Orlando hypnosis clinic for what I was sure was another hype advertised for losing weight. But I was willing to try anything. These people are so nice! It's been thirty days on the nose and I have lost 27lbs. The changes came without me even noticing. Thanks
Stopped Smoking *Quit smoking here in just one session 5 months ago and still smoke free and loving it.
Ethan Ang
Skype Hypno- Coaching Program *I highly recommend Orlando Hypnosis Clinic. I have been using the best year ever program via Skype and personal and professional life life is getting better every day. Danny is genuine and caring.
Robin N
excellent *Excellent
Audrey G Cole
Weight Loss! *Hypnosis for weight loss changed my life after just one session, I went home and from that point forward I was literally, without even thinking about it only eating half of what I used to. I started the best year ever program and in three months have lost 46 pounds. The thing is, I'm not even dieting. I'm just naturally making the healthy decisions that a diet was supposed to do for me. No will power issues or "hangry" moments. I walk the dogs and hardly ever just sit around any more. I hate going to the gym so I didn't and this still worked.
Martina Ashley
Fear of Driving *From the onset these people were the greatest. I was embarrassed about my fear and they made me feel like it could happen to anyone which calmed me down a lot. I was sure that I couldn't be hypnotized-wrong again. In just two sessions I was able to start dating again and felt like a new person. After my fourth session, I was back behind the wheel of my car and driving anywhere I wanted. Thanks!
Glenn Bailey
1st Visit *I had my first visit with Danny today and it went really good. I felt very comfortable opening up and talking to Danny about my problems. After spending a hour or so going over what session I would be going through I felt like I couldn't wait to get started, that's just how good I felt about what was going to happen, almost feels like something wonderful is about to happen in my life. Any we Start tomorrow on my first session and I'm about to find out if this can really be. I will try a update as I go through my sessions. I'm excited
James E. Fisher
Eating Disorder Child *My son refused to eat anything except hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, some cereals but never other meats or veggies. It was not a discipline thing. He literally became ill when he tried. At 11 years old it was starting to cause him some social problems in and out of school. No sleep overs, that kind of thing. We went to Orlando Hypnosis Clinic and within a week he was trying new things. He actually ate a burger the night after the first session. By the next week, he was in control of his eating and no longer getting sick at the smell of something different. Tonight he's eating out with the little league team and I just wanted to a minute to review this awesome place and say thanks to everyone who made him feel normal from the minute he walked in
Nya S
Comforting *Very nice consultation. My conserns were address and acknowledged instantly. This shows the knowledge and experience are truly genuine.
Donald Cadman
Alcohol Addiction *Danny changed my life!!!! I was a functional alcoholic that was drinking about 25 cases of beer a month. I called Act Now and was greeted by Melanie. She was very informative and knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable. She set up my free consultation with Danny Jackson. Danny was caring, understanding, and informative. He explained addictions and why we get addicted and what Hypnotism could do. Well, It worked!!!! Alcohol free with no desire!!!! I recommend this to anyone, it works!!!!! Thank you Danny for giving me my life back!!!!!!
Theresa Touhey
Weight Loss *I have struggled with weight all of my life. A few years ago, I lost over 90 pounds and thought I had conquered my weight issues for life. I even studied nutrition and got a certificate in plant based nutrition. However, the past couple of years, half of the weight I loss crept back on. I knew that there was something blocking my efforts. So, when I ran across an ad for Hypnosis, I felt like I needed to give it a shot.
veronica becker
Sports Help for Children *Act Now Hypnosis & Wellness Center is one of Orlando's best kept secrets. I wish I would have known about this company long ago. The therapist Dan-there are two of them-are both wonderful people. The "Dan" my son works with is truly amazing. My son felt an enormous difference just after only one session with him. His level of confidence was obviously improved and we are going to continue with him for at least one year. Another important point I must make is that before our first session Dan interviewed my son to find out what exactly it was he wanted to improve on. He took the time to explain how hypnosis works in a detailed yet very understandable level. It became very obvious he was determined to help him and wanted to establish a relationship with both my son and myself. In today's world, it is almost unheard of that a practitioner takes the time to actually get "to know" the patient and really seem to care. It was so refreshing and after the session we both left feeling so positive. What a great feeling. Finally, and ever so importantly, is Melanie. I knew the moment I spoke with her on the phone that this was a company I wanted to know more about. She exudes kindness, professionalism, and makes it extremely clear that their primary focus is on helping people achieve their goals and is willing to answer as many questions that you have. Her positive personality and compassion for people is evident immediately. My only regret is not finding them sooner. I am grateful I found them now!
Rick Powers
Drug Addiction *What an amazing and life changing experience! I've been struggling with alcohol and drugs for many years, and have been to meetings, counseling, rehab, etc. None of it really dealt with the reason I was using....... Until I went through the program at Act Now........ From my first session, to today, and forever, I understand why I was using and have put it completely behind me. I have no urges or cravings. I am not "counting days". I am clean and free to live my life. Thank you Danny!
J. Johnson
Emotional Help *My experience with receiving hypnosis therapy with Danny Jackson was phenomenal. I started noticing serious ups and downs in my emotions about 2 years ago. Of course I took the traditional steps of going to counseling therapy and a psychiatrist. However, it was not until I went out on a limb and tried hypnosis therapy that I actually got to the bottom of the issue. Danny informed me that the treatment plan of approximately 4 sessions, and he was excellent about describing what the process would consist of. He also forewarned me that in rare instances, the treatment may require a 5th session. With that said, I find cella's review to be misleading due to the fact that Danny was so specific about what to expect. My treatment plan was complete in 4 sessions. I started my first session on April 30th, and by May 10th I was finished--feeling better than ever. Through hypnotherapy, I was able to discover the roots of my "perfectionism" that was causing my emotional instability. I want to shout out a huge "thank you" to Danny. I feel as though a weight has been lifted from my chest, and I can finally start living the life that I have always dreamed of. :)
Business Success *I was referred to Danny by a close friend of mine in Orlando. I gave hypnosis therapy a try not because I had any addictions, rather , I wanted to gear my mind towards the thought process that I deserve and should have the multi-million dollar listings. As a prominent realtor in the Tampa Bay area, I do well for myself and my family. I just wanted to step up from the average 300k to 600k listings that I regularly handle, up to the 1 to 5 million dollar listings. I truly believe mindset is everything in life and that we act out and behave a certain way because of the belief system and the way we think in our subconscious mind. I went to Danny for two sessions a couple weeks ago and now I'm landing my first 2 million dollar listing. I really enjoyed the sessions with Danny and I intend to have more in the future simply to maintain a healthy and focused state of mind. Thanks Danny, I'll be seeing you soon!

*This information should not be treated as a substitute for advice given by your General Practitioner, Medical Doctor, Psychiatric professional or any other healthcare professional. We encourage you to check with your physician before attempting any new therapies. We commonly work with our client’s health professional to provide well-rounded adjunct solutions when needed. Success from any kind of coaching, medical or hypnosis process cannot be guaranteed. Individual results will vary greatly and in accordance to your commitment, effort, determination, hard work, and ability to follow directions.