Clinical Hypnosis Program for Cocaine Addiction

Clinical hypnosis and hypnotherapy can allow you to solve the underlying issue(s) that cause you to seek cocaine and thereby solving the whole problem!  The difficulty in remaining drug-free subsides, and you can finally enjoy life as you always wanted and deserved.

How is Orlando Hypnosis Clinic’s Program for Cocaine Different?

Why do we have a 700% higher success rate than the stated national average?  The difference is in the paradigm.  At Orlando Hypnosis Clinic, we don’t view the addiction as the problem but rather the symptom.  Because of that, our clinicians don’t spend effort on changing the myriad of behaviors involved in substance abuse but instead focus on the belief system that is driving it.  Once the negative belief system is resolved, the behaviors associated with it are no longer critical as the compulsion to use something to escape is no longer useful/ beneficial/necessary.

  • We want you to be comfortable so we offer hypnotherapy sessions in the office, in your home, or even via Skype, no extra charge.
  • Our hypnotherapy program for cocaine and drug addiction has a 98% success rate for most and has been going strong for eleven plus years.
  • Our hypnotherapist for cocaine addiction specializes in hypnotherapy, addiction, NLP, CBT, and full recovery.
  • You can complete this program in as few as three to four weeks with control over withdrawal.
  • 24-7 Continual Support
  • This is your chance to end cocaine addiction rather than using replacement therapy and white-knuckled coping skills for the rest of your life.
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Cocaine addictions successfully treated with hypnosis, cured by associating drug addiction symptom with original reason for use!

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A New Method of Thinking that Promotes Full Recovery from Cocaine Addiction

The Above Example is for Alcohol

This Can Work for All Types of Addiction

Rather than teaching that a person has or inherited a disease, is helpless against their addiction and must attend meetings for the rest of their lives, our clients don’t define themselves by a substance or behavior.

Most often there is an initial sensitizing event (ISE) or closely related group of events that have precisely contributed the addiction.   Hypnotherapy helps remove that pivotal event as an underlying dynamic in someone’s life- an event that has served as the root or origin of subsequent factors and events.

Solve the underlying issue(s)  —>  that caused the emotions  —> which led to the addictive behavior  —>  thereby solving the whole problem, remaining addiction free and able to finally enjoy life as they always wanted.

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Rather than attending meetings, (however the program can be used in conjunction with 12-step or other recovery methods) they complete a set number of hypnotherapy sessions, usually six to eight depending upon the individual, over the course of a month.

  • Start with a free consultation.  Get your questions answered and find out if you’re a candidate for this therapy.
  • Set up your series of appointments at times that are convenient for you working directly with an intake specialist.
  • Next, the psychological and emotional issues surrounding cocaine dependence will be addressed and resolved permanently in private hypnosis sessions with your therapist.  We will not share your information with anyone.
  • The subconscious mind will be taught to cope with daily and emotional issues that were impossible to deal with at one time which led to the abusive behavior.   This way coping will come naturally.
  • During your final sessions, emotional or physiological triggers for relapse will be identified and avoidance techniques explored and put into place. Positive feelings and the ability to succeed will be reinforced, as can motivational techniques, body image, and self-control.
  • Personal accountability for one’s self, thoughts, and actions again become reality and so does lasting recovery.
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Results and What to Expect with Our Hypnotherapy at Orlando Hypnosis Clinic:

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Hypnotherapy Can Be Used to Break a Myriad of Unwanted Patterns

  • Re-educate your mind to expect to enjoy a good night’s sleep
  • Learn new relaxation techniques to help your mind and body to slow down at the end of the day. Sleeping becomes much easier in this state.
  • Learn techniques to naturally and without thinking remove some of the noise from a racing mind. Insomnia and most sleep problems are a very modern phenomenon and representative of the pace of modern life
  • In certain instances, it may be necessary to identify and resolve events, current or past, that are subconsciously affecting sleep habits

The positive ideas and perspectives that are received build self-esteem and boost confidence. Personal accountability for one’s self, thoughts, and actions again become reality and so does lasting recovery. But moreover, hypnotherapy has a positive effect on every aspect of a person’s life.

Orlando Hypnosis Clinic’s addiction hypnotherapy program can be used in conjunction with any current support network or addictions program to put anyone back in control of their emotions and make recovery a complete success.  Call us today and put cocaine addiction in your rearview mirror at (407) 369-8474.