ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION Symptoms and Permanent Treatment at Orlando Hypnosis Clinic

Overcome Erectile Dysfunction . . . Hypnosis vs. Viagra

This program is the most powerful way for you to overcome erectile dysfunction available today without a prescription.

The Problem

If you are having problems getting or maintaining an erection, you probably are confused as to what to do about it. You might ask yourself:

Is it a physical problem?
Is it all in my head?
Should I get a prescription?

One thing is certain: not being able to get and maintain an erection can have a devastating effect on your sex life and overall sense of well being. Not only can this destroy your self-confidence, but it can also cause insecurity in your partner. These are not the ingredients for a happy relationship.

Most Sex Therapists Agree – Causes of Erectile Dysfunction are Emotional

The physical causes of ED include vascular, neurological, or hormonal causes. Of these, by far the most common physical cause is vascular. If you have concerns that your problem is vascular, you should consult a urologist (not a general practitioner).

A Practical Way to Determine if the Problem Is Emotional

A practical way to determine if the problem is emotional (and therefore treatable without medication) is to answer the following questions:

Do you get an erection while masturbating?
Do you get an erection while sleeping?
Do you get erections with one lover and not another?
Do you get an erection before penetration?

If you answered yes to ANY of these questions, then the problem is most likely emotional, not physical.

What Are the Emotional Causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

The three most common causes of impotence are stress, unhappiness with your partner and performance anxiety. Most of the time it is a combination of these factors, as the inability to perform can be stressful and bad for your relationship.  When you focus on your performance, this can start obsessive thought patterns. The more you worry about your inability to perform, the more likely you won’t be able to and so on.

The danger is not losing your erection, but what you do when it occurs. If you have been focusing on the problem, then you have turned a short-term issue into a long-term problem.

Don’t worry. You can break the cycle and become a better lover in the process.

St Pete Hypnotherapists use a combination of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Ericksonian Hypnosis (hypnotic storytelling) as well as custom techniques (such as 5 Path-if needed) that will be unique to you and your current situation. These sessions are designed to provide you today with a new set of processes for your subconscious mind for an over-all DRUG-FREE solution to erectile dysfunction.