Skype Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Sessions

Like Skype but We Use Zoom-Hypnosis Sessions

When you live in a different, country, state, remote community, or are unable to reach therapists who are skilled in working with your type of problem, it can be costly and very difficult to get the help you need. That is why we offer you the opportunity to have hypnosis over the phone and via Zoom.

Remote tele-video conferencing for hypnosis, nutritional counseling and exercise wellness advice offers our clients a face to face session of hypnosis whilst they are in the privacy and comfort of their own home, giving them an enhanced sense of control over the process. People sometimes feel more relaxed in their own environment instead of an office environment. This can be especially helpful for those who lack self confidence and need help but may not have the ability to go to someone, such as agoraphobics, shut ins, and those with eating disorders or problematic compulsive habits who need “in the moment” support. Additional benefits include:

  • No need to fight traffic – Why should you have to get into the car, drive down the highway, get into downtown, find a parking space, to make it to your appointment on time? Then have your session, and have to go through the whole thing all over again to get home! Remember this is supposed to be relaxing!
  • More flexible scheduling – In a classic appointment you need to be scheduled according to the time limitations of your schedule, our schedule, and the office hours. Even in the concierge setting the schedule needs to accommodate schedules and travel times. With Tele-Video Conferencing there is MUCH greater flexibility, we’ve even had people call for the first time and be able to be in session within 15 minutes!
  • Distance is no problem – Whether you’re around the corner or overseas, the convenience of individual face-to-face sessions is just a few clicks away.

Sessions can be arranged on a weekly bi-weekly or monthly basis. Like all the therapy we carry out, it is tailored to the client’s needs and we treat people according to their individuality. We have lots of experience of talking to people over Skype and its very important that the client realizes that they are in safe hands with hypnotists who have years of experience and the skills required.

A small UK study from an article in New Scientist Magazine from January 2002 claims that tele-video hypnosis can be even more effective than face to face therapy. Morning, evening and weekend appointments are available for our Tele-Video hypnosis sessions. Just call Orlando Hypnosis Clinic at (407) 316-2473.

Psychoanalysis Recovery after 600 Sessions 38%
Behavioral Therapy Recovery after 22 Sessions 72%
Hypnotherapy Recovery after 6 Sessions 93%

Learning to Live After Addiction…Letting GO of the Habits & Past

When dealing with family, people at work, close friends, and even acquaintances, it can induce a multitude of mixed feelings. People often feel powerless to contain the onslaught of emotions not only because of failure to recognize them; but also due to the fact they come and go so fast.

Since it is necessary to go on with a healthier life handling these situations and their recurring sensations is important. Add that to the already reeling emotions and battling the addiction and it may seem overwhelming and even pointless. That is the subconscious at work busily defending the mind as best as it knows how.

Hypnotherapy can help retrain the subconscious so handling emotions comes easily and without effort. Once a behavior takes on a new color, other people’s stereotypes and resolve about that person will change too. Our clients find a positive side to their life that they only dreamed existed.

Free Stress Release Hypnosis Mp3

Free Stress Release Hypnosis MP3 Download

This session is recorded by Danny Jackson, CHT. It is designed to release stress and provide improved methods for handling stress. This MP3 is a fantastic introduction to hypnosis if you haven’t experienced it before. It’s also a great way to wind down in the evening. Just play the MP3 through a phone, MP3 player or even computer while resting in a reclining position in a place that has no distractions. We recommend that you only listen to this in the evenings before you’re ready to sleep. Do not attempt to operate any heavy machinery while listening to the recording.

Download & Listen for Free