How can hypnosis help with anxiety?

Imagine how great it will be to look back on yesterday and think “Hey, that situation would have normally made me freak out…but I didn’t!”

Strong emotions such as fear and anger are there to teach and to guide us. Our subconscious mind, being ever so protective, creates emotions to protect us from physical threats. For example: anger is the natural emotion we feel when things aren’t fair. That doesn’t mean we have the right to fly off the handle because we sense an emotion. Rather we should learn from the emotion, and take appropriate steps to bring things back into balance.

When this process of fight and flight gets out of control, and will power coupled with common sense can’t consciously put things in order, hypnotherapy comes to the rescue. Most of our clients have come to Orlando Hypnosis Clinic completely debilitated from anxiety that erupts during unforgiving moments and within two to four visits never experience the panic or fear again. Get started today with a free, no obligation consultation by clicking here. Learn the root causes of your anxiety and begin to put an end to its hold over you today.


Now, you might be thinking “What does it mean when I feel this sudden rush that makes my chest pound and my palms sweat?” Those emotions are there to protect and preserve you. Many years ago human beings had “instincts,” or behaviors known as fight or flight. You may remember learning about them in school. You see, if a caveman saw a predator was after him, it was completely acceptable for him to go running screaming through the jungle. Even a couple of hundred years ago, if someone had wronged you, fighting was a perfectly acceptable method for handling it (even Abraham Lincoln was involved in a duel once!). But in today’s society, where we still have those same behaviors, our ability to make use of them has changed. As society has developed, these behaviors have become less acceptable; just imagine running screaming through a mall or down a city street; the guys in the white coats would soon be called.

FIGHT=ANXIETY and FLIGHT=DEPRESSION – Hypnotherapy Offers a Solution to the Problem

The thing is, we still have these emotions, but without our instinctive associated behaviors, today fight = anxiety. Notice the same physiological manifestations: Chest gets tight, muscles become tense, ready to absorb or deliver a blow, adrenaline begins to flood the system for a fight that will never manifest. And flight = depression: The feeling that you just can’t escape or get away. We begin experiencing these feelings when we are young, and as we get older and have more similar experiences, the feelings become stronger and stronger until eventually they begin to break through to the conscious part of us and we begin to experience them more and more.

Fortunately, hypnotherapy provides an answer for most people. A method of reaching into the subconscious where all of your thoughts and beliefs from your past experiences reside, making changes that relieve the responses and their associated behaviors and feelings once and for all. Imagine how great it will be to look back on yesterday and think “Hey, that situation would have normally made me freak out…but I didn’t!”


Have You Tried A Free or $20 Hypnosis Download and It Didn’t Work? Here’s Why

As you already know, no one person is the same as the other. You can’t expect a one-size-fits-all, downloadable fix to a problem that you have suffered from indefinitely, or might even take medications for. And, since you aren’t the same as everyone else and you are in need of a continual change, it could be beneficial to seek guided hypnotherapy. Your hypnotherapist ensures your session is therapeutically adjusted and adapted to your unique situation. He or she will learn about you, who you are, when you began having anxiety issues, when you find it is most prominent, and will listen to how it affects your life. Your hypnotist will meticulously put together an exclusive program, based on your unique situation, that is designed to allow you to be calm and composed even in the most worrisome situations, so that you have time to think and react appropriately.

After your session, your hypnotherapist will provide you with a pre-recorded reinforcement session. Call our Orlando  hypnotherapists today at (407) 369-8474 to get started.

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The results will vary greatly and in accordance to your commitment, effort, determination, hard work, and ability to follow directions. Summary: As in any medical service, self-change program, and with everything in life, you get out of the product or service what you put into it.

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