For most people, hypnotherapy allows for the resolution of the issues that caused the addictive behavior in the first place. Rather than teaching that an addict is helpless against their addiction and must attend meetings for the rest of their lives, our patients do not define themselves by their addiction. Instead they are led through a process that allows them to solve the underlying issue(s) that led them to seek the addiction and thereby solving the whole problem, remaining drug free and able to finally enjoy life as they always wanted.

  • Alcohol Addiction
  • Prescription Drug Addiction
  • Illicit Drug Addiction
  • Gambling Addiction
  • Food Addiction
  • Video Games
  • Internet Addiction
  • Sex Addiction
  • Shopping
  • Work Addiction

Hypnotherapy Consult for Alcohol Addiction

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Psychoanalysis Recovery after 600 Sessions 38%
Behavioral Therapy Recovery after 22 Sessions 72%
Hypnotherapy Recovery after 6 Sessions 93%

Learning to Live After Addiction…Letting GO of the Habits & Past

When dealing with family, people at work, close friends, and even acquaintances, it can induce a multitude of mixed feelings. People often feel powerless to contain the onslaught of emotions not only because of failure to recognize them; but also due to the fact they come and go so fast.

Since it is necessary to go on with a healthier life handling these situations and their recurring sensations is important. Add that to the already reeling emotions and battling the addiction and it may seem overwhelming and even pointless. That is the subconscious at work busily defending the mind as best as it knows how.

Hypnotherapy can help retrain the subconscious so handling emotions comes easily and without effort. Once a behavior takes on a new color, other people’s stereotypes and resolve about that person will change too. Our clients find a positive side to their life that they only dreamed existed.

Free Stress Release Hypnosis Mp3

Free Stress Release Hypnosis MP3 Download

This session is recorded by Danny Jackson, CHT. It is designed to release stress and provide improved methods for handling stress. This MP3 is a fantastic introduction to hypnosis if you haven’t experienced it before. It’s also a great way to wind down in the evening. Just play the MP3 through a phone, MP3 player or even computer while resting in a reclining position in a place that has no distractions. We recommend that you only listen to this in the evenings before you’re ready to sleep. Do not attempt to operate any heavy machinery while listening to the recording.

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