Golf Hypnosis and Psychology

Hypnosis Improves How You Think During the 3 Seconds It Takes To Swing the Club & That Determines Your Score

Hypnosis can help you to play great golf…and no one will know you are using it…except you!  Golf is a game of mental attitude and visualization. It makes no difference if you play only on weekends with your buddies or are a professional, you are all looking to attain the same results…. a low score. You can have perfect technique, but the minute you get on that course in front of people or play in a tournament chances are you will choke up, especially if you play for money or against someone better then you. It is almost definite that you have hidden negative imprints within your unconscious mind. As a golfer, you know the thrill and satisfaction of a good, solid shot. Remember that perfect shot? That great putt? You also know the pain of a disastrous shot. The one that ends in the water or in the woods. You know you can be a better golfer and take those extra strokes off your handicap. But how?

You’ve studied the game in depth. You’ve practiced a lot. You’ve gotten better and you would like to improve even more. So how do top level golfers break par consistently?

They may not think of it as self-hypnosis, but it is. You can see it when a great golfer prepares to take a shot. There is a change in the face and in the body that tells you they are shutting out the world and sizing up the situation. When they step up to take the shot, you can see the calm confidence in their eyes.

The Secret

These days most top level golfers use mental coaches to perform at their peak. They may call it visualization or mind control, but it all boils down to one thing–self-hypnosis.

Tiger Woods is probably the most famous example. His sports psychologist used hypnosis to teach Tiger to shut out distractions and produce that smooth, powerful swing. If you watch video of tiger’s early career, you can see him blink twice before taking a shot. This was his post-hypnotic cue for entering the zone.

The Zone

Playing in the zone is the holy grail of golf. Some days everything comes together and you block out all distractions, you can see and feel the shots you want to make. Body and mind are working together and your swing is as smooth as silk. You are in the zone.

Other days everything falls apart and a bird chirping in the trees can throw your game off. Learning self-hypnosis is the best way to get into the zone when you need it. When you’re out there on the golf course, you can’t have your hypnotist actually whispering in your ear. So you have to use self-hypnosis. And the best way to learn self-hypnosis is by being hypnotized.

Our hypnotists have worked with a lot of athletes in many different sports. They believe that golf is the one of the sports that causes the most mental and emotional struggle.

In team sports you can depend on your teammates. And if things don’t go well, the blame can be spread around. In golf you only have yourself to blame. The special curse of golf is that getting upset with yourself only makes your game worse by introducing struggle and trying hard into your swing. The secret in golf is using self-hypnosis to enter the zone and produce the performance you know you are capable of.

Our Orlando Hypnotist

*Through their golf hypnosis they work to remove these imprints and set your mind on the right track. With the use of self-hypnosis they teach you how to concentrate, focus, and visualize like you have never done before. Along with your *FREE CD of our session, you will have the tools to finally feel comfortable on the course and improve your game. Once we work together, you will increase your skills. Even if you are a golf pro, hypnosis can help your clients remember what you teach them and keep them coming back for more lessons.

Look at the professionals that tour. If you think they don’t use some sort of hypnosis, then you believe in the Easter Bunny. Using hypnosis in the pre-shot routine saves a golfer stroke after stroke. Just imagine how you’d feel after a round of golf where you saved 6, 8, or 10 strokes off your regular score. Hypnosis will help you to… Quickly lower your handicap. Relax and have more fun. Increase your focus and confidence. Refine your fine motor skills and take control of your psycho neuromuscular abilities to just relax and sink more putts. Play better in tournaments. Play better under pressure. Have a mental game that guarantees success. Have you ever been in the “zone”—even for only 2 or 3 holes in a row? When you were in the “zone” you experienced the perfect swing…and you were playing to your true potential.

If you’ve done it once, then you can repeat it. Here’s why. That perfect golf swing is already encoded into your mind and into your muscle memory. Our expertise with hypnosis is getting you back in the “zone” quickly and effectively…in the few seconds before every shot.

When you can get yourself into the proper relaxed frame of mind then you are already a winner.
Hypnosis can help you to play great golf…and no one will know you are using it…except you!

You receive a reinforcement session to use as support. This professional recording is created with background musical accompaniment and additional subliminal reinforcement for maximum results.

Note: Golf Hypnosis packages also include a free copy of Orlando Hypnosis Clinic’s Stress Release Hypnosis MP3 .