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Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy for Anxiety & Why It Works

Using our specially developed hypnosis and hypnotherapy for anxiety programs, most people are able to quickly resolve the cause of their anxiety and symptoms. This eliminates the need for coping techniques and often prescription drug regimens aimed at the anxiety symptoms (not the cause). This is not a replacement for your physician’s instructions. We encourage you to check with your physician before attempting any new therapies. We commonly work with our client’s health professional to provide well-rounded adjunct solutions when needed. Success from any kind of coaching, medical or hypnosis process cannot be guaranteed. Individual results will vary greatly and in accordance to your commitment, effort, determination, hard work, and ability to follow directions.

Rather than teaching that a person has or inherited a disease, is helpless against their anxiety, instead they are led through a process that allows them to solve the underlying issue(s) that caused the emotions which started the anxiety and thereby solving the whole problem, remaining drug  free and able to finally enjoy life as they always wanted. You can expect 2-4 sessions total.

If you suffer from anxiety, it may seem like:

It’s like Everything is hitting me at once!
I’m Worrying myself sick!
I’m so nervous!!!

All of these phrases embody the true feelings that people commonly possess. The sensations that follow such as shortness of breath, sweating, rapid heartbeat, or the feeling that your heart is POUNDING out of your chest, feeling of being outside of yourself, the lump in your throat, the feeling in your stomach, and many other sensations and feelings are all manifestations of these feelings and the thoughts they are entwined with.

When these feelings begin, you may think, “that was weird, but I’m Okay”, but as it progresses you can begin to feel less certain. If those episodes continue uninterrupted they can grow and become completely debilitating. They begin to limit you from enjoying all that life has to offer, and even when they are not present you sometimes begin to question whether or not it’s safe to go out, or if another attack will come upon you, robbing you of all quality of life.

Strong ones such as fear and anger are there to teach and to guide us. Our subconscious mind, being ever so protective creates emotions to protect us from physical threats.  For example, anger is the natural emotion we feel when things aren’t fair. That doesn’t mean we have the right to fly off the handle out of control because we sense an emotion, rather we should learn from the emotion, and take appropriate steps to bring things back into balance.

When this process of fight and flight gets out of control and will power coupled with common sense can’t consciously put things in order, hypnotherapy comes to the rescue.  Most of our clients have come to Orlando Hypnosis Clinic completely debilitated from anxiety that erupts during unforgiving moments and within 2-4 visits never experience the panic or fear again.    Get started today with a free, no-obligation consultation by clicking here. Learn the root causes of your anxiety and begin to put an end to its hold over you today.

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Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Why Us?   Affordable, 24-7 Support, & Experienced.

Fortunately, hypnotherapy provides an end to anxiety for most people.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy for anxiety gives you a method of reaching into the subconscious where all of your thoughts and beliefs from your past experiences reside, making changes that relieve the responses and their associated behaviors and feelings once and for all. Imagine how great it will be to look back on yesterday and think “Hey, that situation would have normally made me freak out…but I didn’t!”.  You will need two to four sessions instead of just one and this requires a commitment from you to show up for your appointments and follow your therapist’s instructions. Utilizing our program, most people experience 80% recovery from the very first session. We offer 24-7 support for our hypnosis and hypnotherapy for anxiety program.

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  • We want you to be comfortable and understand you may not be comfortable having your hypnotherapy sessions in the same place others do.  We offer hypnosis and hypnotherapy for anxiety in the office, in your home, or even via Zoom, no extra charge.
  • Our hypnotherapy program for anxiety and anxiety symptoms has a 98% success rate for most and has been going strong for ten plus years.
  • Our hypnotherapists for anxiety specialize in hypnotherapy, emotional trauma, NLP, CBT and recovery.
  • You can complete this program in as few as two weeks.
  • Try a free consultation today.  Walk-ins welcome or schedule any time below..
Hypnotherapy for Anxiety Symptoms
Danny is the perfect example of a wonderful human being. I sought help for some severe anxiety issues following the death of my parents, and the results were outstanding! He is compassionate and professional. He made me feel very comfortable and at ease through the entire process. I could truly feel that he cared about me and my well-being. I would highly recommend Act Now Wellness Center. I tried traditional therapy, but I never could get to the root of the problem.Danny helped me identify and conquer the issue in just 4 short sessions. I can’t wait to go back to stop smoking!
Brittany Hackney - Severe Anxiety, Orlando Hypnosis Clinic

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How Orlando Hypnosis Clinic’s Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Works for Anxiety

Have You Tried A Free or $20 Hypnosis Download for Anxiety and It Didn’t Work?  Here’s Why

As you already know, no one person is the same as the other. You can’t expect a one-size-fits-all, downloadable fix to a problem that you have suffered from indefinitely. Maybe even take medications for.  And, since you aren’t the same as everyone else and you are in need of a continual change, it could be beneficial to seek guided hypnotherapy.

We will give you a free consultation to get a general idea of ‘where you are’ as far as anxiety is concerned.  Your hypnotist ensures your session is therapeutically adjusted and adapted to your unique situation. He or she will learn about you, who you are when you began having anxiety issues when you find it is most prominent and will listen to how it affects your life. Your hypnotist will meticulously put together an exclusive program, based on your unique situation designed to allow you to be calm and composed even in the most worrisome situations so that you have time to think and react appropriately.  The causes of your anxiety initially can be resolved and you can get back to life as usual.

The hypnosis techniques incorporated into this program will help you or your loved one (even children) rapidly make important changes at the unconscious level of mind, which can completely eliminate these irrational anxiety and panic symptoms.  After your session, the hypnotist will provide you with a pre-recorded reinforcement session. Call us today to get started.

For most people, the positive ideas and perspectives that are received begin to build self-esteem and boost confidence. Personal accountability for one’s self, thoughts, and actions again become reality and so does continual recovery. But moreover, hypnotherapy has a positive effect on every aspect of a person’s life.

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Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy for Anxiety and How It Works Based on Your Symptoms

– or –
Your Emotions + Situation = You Are Normal

Now, you might be thinking “Okay, so all emotions are good, so then what does it mean when I feel this sudden rush that makes my chest pound and my palms sweat?” Those emotions are there to protect and preserve you. Many years ago human beings had “instincts” or behaviors known as fight or flight. You may remember learning about them in school. But in today’s society where we still have those same behaviors, our ability to make use of them has changed.

You see, if a caveman saw a predator was after him, it was completely acceptable for him to go running screaming through the jungle. Even a couple of hundred years ago, if someone had wronged you, fighting was a perfectly acceptable method for handling it (even Abraham Lincoln was involved in a duel once!). As society has developed, these behaviors have become less acceptable; just imagine running screaming through a mall or down a city street, the guys in the white coats would soon be called.

FIGHT=ANXIETY and FLIGHT=DEPRESSION – Hypnotherapy Offers a Solution to the Problem

The thing is, we still have these emotions, but without our instinctive associated behaviors, today fight = anxiety. Notice the same physiological manifestations: Chest gets tight, muscles become tense, ready to absorb or deliver a blow, adrenaline begins to flood the system for a fight that will never manifest. And flight = depression: The feeling that you just can’t escape or get away. We begin experiencing these feelings when we are young, and as we get older and have more similar experiences, the feelings become stronger and stronger until eventually they begin to break through to the conscious part of us and we begin to experience them more and more.

Fortunately, hypnotherapy provides an answer for most people. A method of reaching into the subconscious where all of your thoughts and beliefs from your past experiences reside, making changes that relieve the responses and their associated behaviors and feelings once and for all. Imagine how great it will be to look back on yesterday and think “Hey, that situation would have normally made me freak out…but I didn’t!”.

Hypnotherapy can help retrain the subconscious so handling emotions comes easily and without effort. Once a behavior takes on a new color, other people’s stereotypes and resolve about that person will change too. Our clients find a positive side to their life that they only dreamed existed.

#1 Hypnotherapy Clinic in Orlando for Anxiety & the Symptoms

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We receive new ratings and feedback from our Orlando Hypnotherapy customers all over the US! They praise us and our amazing team for going above and beyond with hypnotherapy services and 24 hour a day support! We thrive on this and would love to share this customer feedback with you. Check below to read our most recent reviews directly from our Full Slate Scheduling review page!

The results will vary greatly and in accordance to your commitment, effort, determination, hard work, and ability to follow directions. Summary: As in any medical service, self-change program, and with everything in life, you get out of the product or service what you put into it.

  • Beth Good7/10/2019

    I had such a great experience with Danny! After years of traditional individual therapy and marriage counseling I was still having libido and intimacy issues in my relationship. My husband and I decided to give hypnotherapy a try and I am so glad I did! I made more progress in the 9 sessions I had with Danny than I have in the past 3 years! I truly felt like Danny understood how I was feeling and where I was coming from. He gave such great advice and made me feel so comfortable. While I still have room to keep improving I know I will. Thank you Danny for finally giving me hope!

  • Christopher Rosario7/03/2019

    So I have been dealing with hurt, pain, anxiety, depression, and deep seated anger for a LONG time. This is only my second session with Danny Jackson, and I definitely got more than I bargained for.

    I originally set up the free consultation because I wanted to know if its possible to get over my huge mental block about hating Game Programming which I desperately need for my company Manna Entertainment LLC, but the more I spoke with Danny, the more I realized that before we get to that (which he did assure me we will), its better to get rid of all the inner demons first so to speak.

    Its not easy admitting that you are broken, or even just saying you need help. But I noticed I could be a much better father, a much better husband, a much much better son, and not that I am a horrible person, but the fear/anxiety/pressure of not being able to provide financially for my wife and kids, has made me quick to explode, and make me feel angry all the time.

    When we are done with my plan I will update the review, but I can tell you that if you are willing to fix, be compliant to let yourself be helped, and really want to do it, it can help you a lot more than you know! So "past life regression" is not advertised, but yeah we kind of went there today. Some pains and traumas transcend the life you know, and I have to say that while I did get a little spooked about it, I have a clarity about phobias, and anxiety, even forgiveness, that I didn't have before.

    So as far as I'm concerned, SUPER worth it, and they also help you if you are struggling financially. Really good people, very patient, and very worth your time. You owe it yourself if you need help, it takes great strength to admit it, and I welcome you to try!

  • chris thompson6/28/2019

    Hypnosis is something I have been researching and considering for several years. I am a successful executive, entrepreneur and fitness athlete. I sought out Orlando hypnosis and Danny Jackson to help me achieve that next level of success, that final elusive 1% that I knew was inside of me. I knew, like all of us I had obscure subconscious programming aspects that were buried deep beneath my conscious reach that effect my daily life, success and experience. I engaged Danny to help me "go there" to find and clear any limiting beliefs to unleash my limitless self . I recently completed 6 sessions with Danny and deeply enjoyed the process and personal revelations. I'm not going to tell you it is some miracle overnight experience, but I can definitely feel a shift and do not believe it is mere coincidence that some of the projects and goals I've been working on are opening up, as well as new one's showing up. Danny and staff are authentic, skilled and sincere in their commitment to success and I highly recommend Orlando Hypnosis Clinic. In fact, I have already shared my experience and recommendation of Danny to several friends and colleagues that want to know my secret for optimization in personal and profession growth. Christopher T.

  • Kristina P6/27/2019

    Great experience with Kim and Danny. The process is comfortable, evidence based and the results speak for itself.

    I recommend that anyone struggling with panic/anxiety explore this option. It's been a nice change with faster results than traditional therapy.

  • Diabetic Movement6/10/2019

    I recommend Danny Jackson hands down! Danny's sessions have helped me refocus and rationalize many parts of my life that I struggled with for some time. I found even after my initial session, a shift in my thinking and behavior, and I have finished my sessions feeling very positive and taken this positivity into my future relationships both personal and business wise. I think the whole experience of my sessions with Danny have been extremely beneficial for me.

  • Quinlan Noelle6/10/2019

    The best Hypnotists in Orlando, Florida! Any doubts you have about hypnosis therapy will be driven away after talking to the team here at Orlando Hypnosis Clinic. The environment is warm and welcoming, and you will leave clear-headed – entirely free of any insurmountable fears or anxieties after your time with them.

  • Zenobia Beckley5/07/2019

    When I found Danny Jackson, I was going through a very difficult time in my life. Through Danny I was able to get the help I needed and move on. Danny is an excellent person and professional who I would like to recommend to anyone who is going through a difficult time in their life. Danny gets to the root of the problem and deals with it so you never have to deal with it again. The staff at the Orlando Hypnosis Clinic is very helpful and professional.

    Thank you


  • Donald Beckley5/07/2019

    I am on my 4th session of 6 sessions. It has been an incredible journey to my subconscious self. A place where I have never been before. I have learned so much about myself and so much more to learn. Danny has helped me in ways that no one else could. I was at a point in my life where I had no place to go. Riddled with guilt and problems from so many years ago. It is now my time to move on and grow in areas where I thought impossible before. Thank you Danny for waking up my subconsciousness self and making my one again! Don B.

  • Zenobia B.5/07/2019
    5 star rating

    Danny is a excellent profissional,kind and caring.  He will get to the root of your problems. I will recommend Danny and the Orlando Hypnosis Clinic to everyone dealing with any difficult times in your life.

  • Erik Myers5/03/2019

    Great experience! The were very friendly and helpful and it definitely helped me get over my fear of flying! Would definitely recommend it to anyone!!!

  • Erica Vanessa Lau4/23/2019

    Absolutely the best investment I’ve made. After 20 years of going to traditional therapy, Danny was a God send. I first tried Orlando Hypnosis Clinic for smoking cessation. Danny made my fear of quitting completely vanish. The results were so fantastic that I decided to do the ARCH program as well. My quality of life has improved 10 fold thanks to Orlando Hypnosis Clinic.

    By the way I did all my sessions via video call, from 3k miles away! 

  • shavonta gaynor4/18/2019

    I was too the point where I tried everything to overcome anxiety and depression. I went to 7 sessions and it took aways my anxiety once the session ended. The depression left a few week later. I was able to start working out again and lost about 25 lbs. I highly recommend.

  • Karen Barrows3/12/2019

    One session and I've quit smoking after 40+ years. Not looking back!!!

  • Dey Bodre Cabrera3/05/2019

    Walked in a TRAIN WRECK left with a remarkable sense of FREEDOM. Years of therapy never really addressed my CORE BELIEFS. Entire staff treated me like ROYALTY. Soothing , professional environment begins with being greeted by Mr. Manny the receptionist. Acknowledged by every staff member with a welcoming smile. AWESOME therapists. Thank you Orlando Hypnosis Clinic for helping me to finally BREAKOUT of my mental prison. Feeling great and looking forward to enjoying my new found FREEDOM!

  • Todd Stewart3/05/2019

    It’s human nature to be skeptical, but Kim won me over. I haven’t slept better in YEARS. My life is measurably better.

  • Dey Bodre Cabrera3/01/2019

    Walked in a TRAIN WRECK left with a remarkable sense of FREEDOM. Years of therapy never really addressed my CORE BELIEFS. Entire staff treated me like ROYALTY. Soothing , professional environment begins with being greeted by Mr. Manny the receptionist. Acknowledged by every staff member with a welcoming smile. AWESOME therapists. Thank you Orlando Hypnosis Clinic for helping me to finally BREAKOUT of my mental prison. Feeling great and looking forward to enjoying my new found FREEDOM!

  • Todd Stewart2/20/2019

    It’s human nature to be skeptical, but Kim won me over. I haven’t slept better in YEARS. My life is measurably better.

  • Cory Bunton2/02/2019

    Kim was like an angel for me. I suffered silently as long as I can remember. Before my 1st session I thought the depression and negative emotions were part of my identity. I believed I had to hide this part of myself from the world. It was my burden to carry. So I suffered silently and tried to shield my loved ones from my pain. I tended to isolate myself in order to protect others from me. I was damaged goods, broken inside, and I could not let anyone know. I heard about hypnotherapy and did my own research, what I discovered made me hopeful and fearful. What if they found some stuff inside I did not want to remember or deal with. I think this feeling is normal. I was desperate and looking for any solution that did not involve ending my life for the sake of my family. This is when I scheduled my free consultation.

    The 1st session was like night and day for me. Before that day I had a storm of negative emotion that I had to repress daily to be able to function. After that session, the storm was gone and I could finally start seeing the world clearly without the lens of negative emotions. In the following sessions Kim helped me heal trauma from my childhood that I was not aware of in my adult conscious mind. I had developed beliefs as a child about myself and the world that were not correct. Correcting these beliefs has helped me feel whole. I now experience joy and compassion that I was not capable of a few months ago.

    I highly recommend hypnosis therapy for people struggling with negative emotions and depression.

  • Mariola Santaliz11/09/2018

    I recommend Danny Jackson hands down. I suffered from Agoraphobia since I was young but in the past 3 years it intensified. After trying many other forms of healing and not feeling any better I contacted Orlando Hypnosis, specifically Danny and I had 6 sessions . I have to say, my experience was amazing, I noticed a big shift after my second session. I just completed my last session and I feel 80% better. He told me I will continue progressing. I recommend Danny, he is very caring and professional and he is available 24/7 in case you need assistance.

  • Laurie Stotler King11/06/2018
    positive review 

    I am so excited. This has been an amazing experience. Since my second session I have been free from alcohol and so much more. My quality of life back is back, I haven't felt this good in years. Everything that Danny said to me has became a reality. To anyone that has challenges in life that they would like to overcome, I highly recommend this.

  • Laurie K.11/05/2018
    5 star rating

    I was having difficulty giving up alcohol. I have a busy life running a business etc. and I couldn't take months out of my life to go to rehab, so I considered hypnosis.

    I am amazed! I have been free from alcohol since my second session. It's as thou it was never apart of my life. Not only am I free from alcohol but my quality of life is back. I am motivated, productive, excited and most of all so relaxed.

  • Viviane Fracasso9/13/2018

    In March of 2015 I attended Orlando Hypnosis for high levels of anxiety, stress, and panic attacks. At the time It was my junior of college and I had reached an all time low. It consumed my life. I had officially become physically incapable of completing day to day tasks. I did the bare minimum of going to school and rushing right back home and I would never get involved with anything extra. It was like this all throughout my adolescence as well. I stressed over test taking and preformed poorly in every single one. I couldn't even attend events without having social anxiety. I suffered from panic attacks and It became such a massive burden in my life that I knew I had to do something about it.

    Three years later I am writing this long overdue review on how beneficial those hypnosis sessions really were on my life.

    Within a month of its completion, It was almost as if I had forgotten I had anxiety. I went about life like it wasn't a big deal. I forgot what it was like having a heavy heart 24/7. But to top it all off, I hadn't even noticed how everything changed in my life until six months later. I was sitting at Starbucks in Miami International Airport awaiting for my flight to France. While sitting there, it hit me. I am leaving for Europe on a scholarship to study abroad for the next six months. I had just gotten done with a summer long internship. I had joined two different clubs pertaining to my major in college. But then, it hit me even more. I was sitting at an airport casually drinking coffee and not feeling like I was going to die from a panic attack at the thought of getting in a plane?? Did I mention how I couldn't do airports??

    My life has never been the same since March of 2015.

    My point to writing this review: If it helped me, maybe it can help you too. I am extremely grateful for Orlando Hypnosis Clinic and Danny Jackson.

  • Silva Kandiah9/03/2018

    Good service and efficient systems. Very generous too. I was offered MP3 downloads without a fee and even for my wife who was not a client. Danny was very patient and his treatment helped.

  • Taylor Hageman8/28/2018

    Done years and years of therepy and nothing seemed to truly help. Found Danny online and wasn't complelty convinced it would help but gave it a try. Went for anxiety and depression. Its been almost two years now and i am enjoying and loving life. Danny helped me face my fears during seccisons and helped me with ways to move forward and continuing to want to help myself. Hypnosis was a life changer and i am very thankful i gave it a try! Danny was the easiest, non judgemental, realist therapist ive ever had. Overall amazing

  • Michelle Garcia8/24/2018

    Danny and the Orlando Hypnosis Clinic provide professional, comforting, and effective services. Danny Jackson has helped changed my life drastically through hypnosis and hypnotherapy. With Danny's help, I am living my best life and I am the happiest and healthiest I have ever been. It is true, Danny Jackson and the Orlando Hypnosis clinic are simply the best!

  • J. Johnson7/24/2018

    Emotional Help My experience with receiving hypnosis therapy with Danny Jackson was phenomenal. I started noticing serious ups and downs in my emotions about 2 years ago. Of course I took the traditional steps of going to counseling therapy and a psychiatrist. However, it was not until I went out on a limb and tried hypnosis therapy that I actually got to the bottom of the issue. Danny informed me that the treatment plan of approximately 4 sessions, and he was excellent about describing what the process would consist of. He also forewarned me that in rare instances, the treatment may require a 5th session. With that said, I find cella's review to be misleading due to the fact that Danny was so specific about what to expect. My treatment plan was complete in 4 sessions. I started my first session on April 30th, and by May 10th I was finished--feeling better than ever. Through hypnotherapy, I was able to discover the roots of my "perfectionism" that was causing my emotional instability. I want to shout out a huge "thank you" to Danny. I feel as though a weight has been lifted from my chest, and I can finally start living the life that I have always dreamed of. 🙂

  • Leticia Riley7/20/2018

    If you’re struggling with anxiety or in a rut, stuck on a problem... call and ask for Danny. This will change your life and get you back on track to be your best self.

  • Bibiana Camargo6/30/2018

    Gracias a Hipnosis center y a mi Terapista Danny por el magnífico trabajo que hizo conmigo, muy profesional y realmente no sabía que esperar de una terapia de hipnosis, pero si puedo decirles que me ha ayudado a superar mi miedo a volar, y no es solo eso es que inconscientemente he visto mejoría en otros aspectos de mi vida!!! Yo recomiendo a quien desee y tenga la intención de tratar una terapia diferente !!! El solo habla inglés pero a pesar de pude comprenwtarme con la vibración de su voz y captar en mi subconsciente todas sus sugerencias!!!! Thanks Danny you are very profesional and did and amazing job !!! You help me a lot ... God bless you!!!


  • Beth Vestal6/26/2018

    Danny is a person that truly cares. I was very comfortable from the reception desk to the therapy space. I knew going in that my issues could not be resolved in one visit.

    I had not been able to cry for the last 7 years. That may not seem a big deal to others but it was awful, I also was having a terrible issue with sugar. After 6 sessions those any many other painful issues were resolved.

    I never had a good result with "typical" therapy,which was not the therapists fault. I just could never reach deep enough within myself to fully realize why I felt, or did not feel the way I needed to. You can't resolve something if you can't realize what it is.

    If you decide to give this a chance be fully honest about your issues, relax and be open. You won't regret it and the results can be amazing.

  • Liudmila Laxague6/26/2018

    I came to Dani at a very difficult time in my life. He coached me through the entire process and in just one short month I made a complete 180. You start feeling the effects of the treatment after one session.

  • Melvin Demers6/26/2018

    The Orlando Hypnosis Clinic was my last shot at finding a solution to my frustration with my golf game. I play with my wife ( she is pretty good ) and years ago I had the skills to be competitive with her. Now, my attitude has overwhelmed my skills and I had become more frustrated with each round we played. I thought that I might have to stop playing. Most of the golfing greats have said that the most important 6" in golf were between your ears. I know that this is true, but I didn't know how to access that space. Danny is my therapist and he knew how to do it. With his help, I played a round with my wife the day after my first session with Danny. I was amazed at the difference in my attitude. I played a little bit better, but more importantly, I felt really good with my self and about my round. Thank you Danny. I'm now looking forward to playing again. My wife thanks you as well.

  • Dolores Soriano6/23/2018

    I had so much going on with me that I felt like something was missing in my life and after taking so many things for depression, anxiety and to lose weight I decided it was enough, I heard of hypnotherapy and decided to give it a try. I Was so afraid the first time I went in for my first session with Danny but he was very nice, and help me understand so many things. Now I see the difference in me, I'm stressed free, I enjoy and see my life different. Thank you Danny and Maria.

  • Denise Bunch6/01/2018

    Agoraphobia This year I had gone from being unable to drive from fear to literally not leaving my house. Danny came out to my home for four visits. It didn't even cost extra and I fell back to normal again. Very professional. I recommend their services to any and everyone.

  • Amiet Gill5/24/2018

    For years my Fiance' has tried to quit smoking. She tried everything. Patch. Gum. Cold turkey. Vaping. Hooka. Fancy Cigarillos. She had quite for 4 years once, but then relapsed back onto the habit. I was apprehensive at first, but one day I told her. Let's just go try it, what would it hurt? We did our research, and we found Danny to be our favorite pick. He truly understands the human mind and psyche so well! I'm so impressed by his ability to truly tap into her subconscious and aligned her subconscious with her desire to quit. The biggest challenge we face according to Danny. I call him Dr. Danny. But you know what I mean. He's an expert! It's been almost a week, and she has not felt any desires or cravings to smoke! It's crazy! It works! Just try it. Apparently 94% of his clients in the past 10 years have yet to relapse. Fascinating way to recovery!

  • Jaimie Walter5/23/2018

    After 10+ years of smoking - one session and I haven't smoked since. I've been waiting to write a review to see if it 'stuck' and so far so good! March 1st 2018 after a super hectic day at work I went through the skype session to quit smoking. I had my doubts but was definitely open minded to this working. I will say I was committed to the idea of quitting but wasn't confident I could do it on my own (I had already tried cutting back myself, patches, etc.). I'm going on three months now and couldn't be happier with these results. Have I wanted to smoke? Sure, but the urge is easy to move past. It's as if I was given the gift of will power. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome. No reason not to give this a try.

  • Jaimie Leigh Bell5/23/2018

    I've been waiting to write this review!! I've been smoke free now since March 1st. I've been a smoker for over 25 years. There is no good reason to not give this a chance. We spend our money on so many frivolous things but this? The cost out of your pocket is NOTHING compared to the GIFT this gives you in the long run - your health, peace of mind, you could almost say this would ultimately save you money on medical bills/costs! I can't say enough positive things about this experience. Seriously, no good reason other than you just don't really want to quit smoking. Which we all know is not really a good reason. Orlando Hypnosis was professional, prompt, always did what they said they would do - all in all like some of their other customers, five stars is just not enough in my opinion!!

  • Randy L5/02/2018

    Weight Loss I went to Orlando hypnosis clinic for what I was sure was another hype advertised for losing weight. But I was willing to try anything. These people are so nice! It's been thirty days on the nose and I have lost 27lbs. The changes came without me even noticing. Thanks

  • hyonglin4/28/2018

    Stopped Smoking Quit smoking here in just one session 5 months ago and still smoke-free and loving it.

  • Ethan Ang4/19/2018

    Skype Hypno- Coaching Program I highly recommend Orlando Hypnosis Clinic. I have been using the best year ever program via Skype and personal and professional life is getting better every day. Danny is genuine and caring.

  • Glenn Bailey4/02/2018

    1st Visit I had my first visit with Danny today and it went really good. I felt very comfortable opening up and talking to Danny about my problems. After spending a hour or so going over what session I would be going through I felt like I couldn't wait to get started, that's just how good I felt about what was going to happen, almost feels like something wonderful is about to happen in my life. Any we Start tomorrow on my first session and I'm about to find out if this can really be. I will try a update as I go through my sessions. I'm excited

  • James E. Fisher3/21/2018

    Eating Disorder Child My son refused to eat anything except hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, some cereals but never other meats or veggies. It was not a discipline thing. He literally became ill when he tried. At 11 years old it was starting to cause him some social problems in and out of school. No sleep overs, that kind of thing. We went to Orlando Hypnosis Clinic and within a week he was trying new things. He actually ate a burger the night after the first session. By the next week, he was in control of his eating and no longer getting sick at the smell of something different. Tonight he's eating out with the little league team and I just wanted to a minute to review this awesome place and say thanks to everyone who made him feel normal from the minute he walked in

  • Randall Moore3/09/2018

    Danny was great, I questioned the whole process and gave it a try. I must say, the ending result was IT REALLY WORKS!! Recommend them to anyone.

  • Theresa Touhey12/01/2017

    Weight Loss I have struggled with weight all of my life. A few years ago, I lost over 90 pounds and thought I had conquered my weight issues for life. I even studied nutrition and got a certificate in plant based nutrition. However, the past couple of years, half of the weight I loss crept back on. I knew that there was something blocking my efforts. So, when I ran across an ad for Hypnosis, I felt like I needed to give it a shot.

  • Todd Choppe11/30/2017

    I️ have been smoking for 30 years and the last couple of years 2 packs a day . I’m 47 and loved to smoke went with a friend and left a happy non smoker . It’s been 4 weeks and 1 day . No cravings or weight gain . Even drink a couple times a week and don’t even want to smoke . 5 stars is not enough. Thank you

  • veronica becker11/07/2017

    Sports Help for Children Orlando Hypnosis Clinic is one of Orlando's best kept secrets. I wish I would have known about this company long ago. The therapist Dan-there are two of them-are both wonderful people. The "Dan" my son works with is truly amazing. My son felt an enormous difference just after only one session with him. His level of confidence was obviously improved and we are going to continue with him for at least one year. Another important point I must make is that before our first session Dan interviewed my son to find out what exactly it was he wanted to improve on. He took the time to explain how hypnosis works in a detailed yet very understandable level. It became very obvious he was determined to help him and wanted to establish a relationship with both my son and myself. In today's world, it is almost unheard of that a practitioner takes the time to actually get "to know" the patient and really seem to care. It was so refreshing and after the session we both left feeling so positive. What a great feeling. Finally, and ever so importantly, is Melanie. I knew the moment I spoke with her on the phone that this was a company I wanted to know more about. She exudes kindness, professionalism, and makes it extremely clear that their primary focus is on helping people achieve their goals and is willing to answer as many questions that you have. Her positive personality and compassion for people is evident immediately. My only regret is not finding them sooner. I am grateful I found them now!

  • David R. Smith8/13/2017

    Anxiety I have had severe difficulty with anxiety when I'm around groups of people as far back as junior high. Sweaty hands, dry mouth and even shaking to the point of having to leave even if I knew everyone. This weekend I went to a graduation celebration after my four session five path program at OHC and was actually the life of the party. I had so much fun with my old friends that we are getting together next weekend for golf. I couldn't have done this without Danny's help.

  • Betsy Linder8/10/2017

    Pain Management My doctor recommended to come here and see Danny for pain management. I went from and eight to a two in just one session. After the third session, I was virtually pain free. I can now manage my pain from home with the sessions he recorded for me. I'm finally back to work full time! This was a real life saver.

  • Kate Bubeica7/30/2017

    Stage Fright My concerns were addressed and acknowledged instantly. This shows the knowledge and experience are truly genuine. My two sessions with Dan Gordon handled my stage fright completely.

  • Shannon N6/14/2017

    Trauma This place is probably a lifesaver for so many people who are hopeless or searching for help and therapy and keep finding nothing good out there. Hypnosis is an amazing therapeutic tool and probably one of the best out there but few know of the true benefits. I'm so glad I found this place and tried it out. The therapists are caring and actually there to help people and will go out of their way to help inform and educate clients about how hypnotherapy works and its benefits. Danny was really kind helpful and understood the concepts of the mind healing etc far better than any other therapist I've ever been to. I had no idea how hypnotherapy worked and was a little skeptical of its benefits at first, but now I know it seems to be better than most other therapy modes out there and far more effective and in such a short time. I really recommend Danny because he is really informative and knowledgeable and will assist and help you in every step of the way. I have spent years trying to find therapists and people who understood trauma, or therapy etc, and couldn't find anyone. Hypnosis is a lifesaver- I had no idea it could be so great and am thrilled I found this place.

  • Nikki Angel6/04/2017

    Chronic Depression I came in several months back but wanted to wait to review to see if the results I was experiencing were really permanent. Good news, my depression is a thing of the past and I am coming back for "My Best Year Ever" for help coaching with my career direction.

  • Nick Adams5/17/2017

    Depression I suffered from clinical depression for decades. After losing yet another job, I decided to try hypnotherapy because the medications and therapy weren't working. They used a hypnosis program with me called five path to resolve the things that were causing me to feel sad and depressed. I feel so much better now, don't need to take meds and am interviewing for new jobs. Hypnosis is for real and amazing.

  • Kathy W5/12/2017

    I Quit Smoking! I Quit Smoking!

  • David S5/11/2017

    Great work and proven results Orlando Hypnosis Clinic has been very positive to work with and has specifically helped me a big issue and discovered several key factors to helping me get healthy and happier. I was skeptical of the process but the results speak for themselves. Thank you!

  • Ann Louise Drake4/27/2017

    OHC is a great find and we are very much looking forward to continue our sessions/counseling with Danny Jackson. The professionalism and caring exhibited by Melanie, Danny and the other staff members is refreshing and their goal is to assist people in changing/altering lifestyle and bad habits. Thank you so much for taking my Mother and I under your wing!

  • Audrey G Cole4/15/2017

    Weight Loss! Hypnosis for weight loss changed my life after just one session, I went home and from that point forward I was literally, without even thinking about it only eating half of what I used to. I started the best year ever program and in three months have lost 46 pounds. The thing is, I'm not even dieting. I'm just naturally making the healthy decisions that a diet was supposed to do for me. No will power issues or "hangry" moments. I walk the dogs and hardly ever just sit around any more. I hate going to the gym so I didn't and this still worked.

  • Julie Bavin4/06/2017

    It is hard to believe that in one session of hypnotherapy, i was able to stop drinking!! I have been a heavy alcoholic for 23 years and in one visit I no longer had the urge or the anxiety-ridden jitters to run to the bar. Danny has changed my life for me, my husband, and especially my kids. If you are dead set on quitting your "substance" of choice, do not look at the $$, look at what your future can hold for you.

  • Martina Ashley4/02/2017

    Fear of Driving From the onset these people were the greatest. I was embarrassed about my fear and they made me feel like it could happen to anyone which calmed me down a lot. I was sure that I couldn't be hypnotized-wrong again. In just two sessions I was able to start dating again and felt like a new person. After my fourth session, I was back behind the wheel of my car and driving anywhere I wanted. Thanks!

  • Nya S3/14/2017

    Comforting Very nice consultation. My concerns were addressed and acknowledged instantly. This shows the knowledge and experience are truly genuine.

  • Julijav Marine8/13/2015

  • Yuliya Lexi8/13/2015

  • Sasha Abbigail8/13/2015

    My lungs and I would highly recommend Hypnosis to anyone who truly has a desire to quit smoking. I had been a 2 pack a day smoker for over 20 years, developed adult asthma, and could no longer even walk my dog without shortness of breath. I have spent Hundreds of dollars over the years on all the so called quit smoking programs including over the counter and prescription drugs. It was so hard to believe after just 1 Hypnosis session with you I no longer needed to smoke, and it is easy not to smoke because I have none of the symptoms I had with my other attempts to stop, example-irritability-weight gain-nervousness. I love not depending on Asthma medicines to help me breathe, I take my dog on long walks now, go swimming and just enjoy life so much better. The money I save in not buying cigarettes makes a nice vacation fund also.

  • Yulia Aleah8/13/2015

    My husband and I wanted to quit smoking for awhile now and decided to try hypnosis,he was doubtfull at first,but once we spoke to danny jackson,we felt we were in good hands.he is excellent in this field,

  • Rita Eboni8/13/2015

    I have been smoke free for over 3 years.

  • Nataliya Anika8/13/2015

    I keep feeling better and more focused with every passing day.

  • Lora Lynette8/13/2015

    It works! My dad recomended me to Orlando Hypnosis Clinic. He researched the place online and told me that it was a good place to visit. I am bipolar and was told that the hypnotists could help me by resolving the cause of the symptoms. Danny Jackson is a kind fellow. My favorite part of working with him is when he puts me under! He is funny and takes his job very serious!

  • Lidiya Jean8/13/2015

    I truly enjoy being alcohol free and finally getting things done that I’ve wanted to for years.

  • Ann Anneok Eok8/13/2015

    Lost 60 in 3 months by juicing. Hypnotherapy with Dan helped me stay on task and ended my emotional eating.

  • Ksenya Yaritza8/13/2015

    I actually Quit Smoking in just one appointment. Thanks guys!

  • Shirley Johnson6/03/2015

    It's hard for me to quite worrying about becoming 55 YO.and smoking cigarettes,obesity and heart disease

    Who knows maybe even mental illness as well.God's will Blessed me with your Precious Hypnotherapy training and I recommend it highly, Thank you for all that and more Orlando Hypnosis Clinic, in Jesus, name. Awesome God Amen!

  • Donna A. Mahaney2/19/2015

  • John B12/13/1901

    Great experience and excellent results. Quitting smoking has been like getting a new lease in life. Thanks!

  • Cathy Regner12/13/1901

    The greatest gift I have ever given myself is the gift of hypnosis with Danny at Orlando Hypnosis Clinic. My goal was weight loss, but Danny recognized the underlying issues and we dealt with those first. As I became more at peace with my life and happy being ME something amazing happened... I just naturally started to drop a pound every couple of days. Danny explained it as becoming more balanced. I dumped so much old baggage in the process. Today I still listen to MP3s and keep moving forward as a much happier me. I SMILE and love my life. Thank you so much to Danny & Melanie for all their help.

  • Richard DiGiacco12/13/1901

    I went to see Danny because my fear of heights started to hinder my daily life. I noticed I was starting to fear certain bridges, I would have panic attacks driving over them. I did not want my fear to spread to flying or other things. I had 4 appointments with Danny, 3 of which were conveniently on Skype. I recently drove over 3 bridges that I feared before and had no reaction to them, I was fine......Thanks Danny.

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