Past Life Regression Hypnosis::“What is it and How Does It Work?”

You may have a number of misunderstandings about what hypnotic regression is and how it works if you have never experienced hypnosis before.

What Exactly is Past Life Regression Hypnosis?

You might have numerous questions about exactly what hypnotic regression is and how it works, in case you’ve not experienced hypnosis before. Quite simply, it’s a method in which your memory is retrieved by entering a state of hypnosis, and the limitations of the conscious mind can be bypassed, and the subconscious mind can be accessed.

How Does Past Life Regression Work?

Once you achieve a deep state of hypnosis, it’s a lot more easy to call up images because you are in a dream-like state. During past life regression hypnosis, however, you’re not “asleep”. Apart from being relaxed, most people stay aware and conscious of what’s happening around you while having the ability to concentrate on feelings and images.

Why Would I Use Past Life Regression Hypnosis?

If you are hurt or wronged by someone, or have experienced trauma, the trapped emotions can impact future relationships and endeavors. To be successful in your current life and relationships or to even want to take the next step towards a new future or  career, past life regression hypnosis can help by erasing the pain from the memories that are holding you back.

Envision waking up tomorrow with no negativity. Think about just enjoying your life again. Feeling that pain is no longer a part of your life and no longer in your thoughts, and you can quickly move on. You can learn to overcome these memories of the past!

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What Can I Expect From Past Life Regression Hypnosis?

Most frequently, past-life memories are explored through the use of hypnotic regression, which means you are put into a”hypnotic” or highly relaxed state, and then”regressed” (transferred backward) into an earlier time. For this feels familiar to some meditative state. During past life regression hypnosis, you don’t”give up control” to the therapist, in fact, you provide feedback and remain in charge of the session in any way times. And even though the therapist may provide you positive suggestions that will assist you in your normal conscious life, (as an instance, when hypnosis can be used to prevent smoking or drop weight), no one can”program” one to do something which goes against your beliefs or desires.

Why Is Past Life Regression Hypnosis Benficial

Hypnosis can remove negative thoughts and feelings about a bad relationship from your past, or an unresolved event (trauma) that’s causing you unwanted emotions and behaviors today. Through hypnosis, you achieve this by resolving the events causing the negative emotions associated with the events and thereby resolving the pain.

Hypnosis frees your mind from repeated negative thinking in the future, allowing you to have positive expectations, open-mindedness, and a general cup-is-half-full attitude about love, life,  and your future.

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