Hypnotherapy for Fear of Public Speaking

Fear of Public Speaking and Social Anxiety – If you suffer from public speaking and social anxiety, you are probably desperate for some relief. We have the answers you need with hypnosis…

You may have studied to gain skills or knowledge in a given topic. Perhaps you’ve become such an authority on it that people come to you to get information or advice on the topic and one on one or when talking with a few people you’re able to speak with confidence and fluency in perfect comfort. But the minute the group becomes too large, or you’re asked to give a presentation to a group, your mind may go blank, become distracted, or you may even begin to sweat profusely. It may even be that knowing you’re expected to give a toast, or make an announcement, but the fear of speaking in public is leaving you paralyzed.

These and many other lesser and more severe examples of the fear that some people struggle with when speaking publicly can plague them to the point that they keep themselves from promotions due to the expectation of having to give public addresses more frequently, or simply keep from social gatherings with colleagues, friends, and even family to avoid the possibility.

People generally try to manage these issues with self help books, therapy, even resorting to alcohol and narcotics to attempt to control these feelings. Hypnosis helps resolve these areas in an entirely different approach. Rather than developing coping skills that we hopefully have the presence of mind to employ at the time we need to, we work with that area of the mind that determines what our response is going to be to a given situation, and simply change the conditioning to be calm, confident, and assertive.

Imagine what it would be like if talking to 20 or 200 people was the same as talking with 2 people. You see no matter the size of the group you’re addressing, your knowledge and understanding of something doesn’t change, simply your ability to comfortably access it in your mind and disseminate it.

The approach may be either direct suggestion hypnosis, or a blend of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. In either way in just a few sessions you can be free from the fear of public speaking quickly and continually.