Hypnosis for Children to Help with School

School’s out for the summer, which means for some kids it’s time for summer school. If your child is dealing with the summer school blues or just taking classes to get ahead, have you considered ways to enhance their learning abilities and make it a little more fun?

Here’s an idea that can last a lifetime. Kids do wonderfully with #hypnosis and by boosting their self-confidence, they can become almost unstoppable. Imagine eliminating the fear of failure and emotions such as worry or nervousness during test time. It may seem impossible right now but this can be accomplished in as few as one hypnosis session.

All of the emotions and negative impacts from the past reside in the subconscious mind. This is why it’s so hard to convince a child who’s had difficulty before that they “can do it” and all they have to do is “study a little more”. The conscious part of the brain may hear this but the subconscious mind could be busy building evidence to the contrary – often creating emotions that can’t be reasoned with topped off with “here we go again”.

Now envision substituting those negative emotions and their behaviors with positive ones. Without the nagging negative there’s plenty of room for more focus and memory retention. Can you remember that feeling of just knowing you could pass the test?

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