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Pornography compulsive behavior is one of the most rampant compulsive behaviors of our time. In many ways, it is even more addictive than drugs or alcohol. What makes pornography so addictive in nature?

One of the reasons that pornography is so addictive is the misconception and lie that the person is not hurting anyone by engaging in it. Compulsive Behavior to pornography can make you feel bad about yourself, unbalance your attitude to sex, damage relationships and waste your time and money. And like many compulsive behaviors, porn compulsive behavior is usually a secret compulsive behavior, spoiling trust in relationships.

Men and women have had their homes torn apart because of it. When people discover that their spouse has been viewing pornography, it makes them feel betrayed, hurt, and undesirable. Even if a person is not married or otherwise involved in a relationship, an compulsive behavior to pornography is highly dangerous. It will lower that person’s self-esteem, keep them from doing other productive things, give them unrealistic sexual expectations, and ultimately cheat their soul.

Being addicted to porn isn’t, strangely, just about sex. Viewing porn is hypnotic in that it narrows the focus of attention and makes us lose track of time. So people use it for escapism but, in the end, people always want to escape the very thing they are using… to escape. If someone is having a rough time at work or been arguing with a spouse or partner, they would, for example, use porn to just forget about everything. Eventually, of course, the cure becomes the curse.

The Porn Compulsive Behavior Fallacy

Much like any addictive behavior, porn ultimately never delivers what it seems to promise. First the feeling of building expectation before viewing. At first, there is excitement but then, bit by bit, a feeling of hollowness as the pornographic gluttony speeds up.

As with all binges, there is a resulting feeling of being overloaded, bloated with images. When it finally comes to a stop, most feel worse than when they started as they come down from the compulsive behavioral binge and out of its subsequent trance.

Overcoming pornography can be done through Orlando Hypnosis Inc.’s hypnotherapy program. Private sessions are customized to reveal the underlying reason someone has sought porn as a device in the first place, deal with the resulting withdrawal from the compulsive behavior, and resolve all subsequent issues for a continual, fast set of changes.

  • Sessions can be in the office, in your home, or even via Skype.
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