An In-Depth Look at a Clinical Hypnotherapy and Compulsive Behavior to Pornography

I Can’t Stand the Way it Makes me Feel, so Why is Compulsive Behavior to Pornography So Hard to Break?

Pornography compulsive behavior is one of the most rampant unwanted behaviors of our time. In many ways, it is even more of a problem than substance use disorder. What makes pornography such a repetitive and hard to break behavior in the first place?

  1. One of the reasons “compulsive behavior to pornography” is hard to stop is often the shame a person feels. Feeling shame over a behavior makes it harder to stop because it hurts to acknowledge it in the first place. If you can’t recognize an act, the kind of attention and commitment required to change it isn’t there.
  2. A large part of the process in dealing with compulsive behavior to pornography is to let go of the shame and forgive one’s self. Without acknowledgment of a problem, this part of the therapeutic process gets aborted altogether.
  3. Compound that with the “everybody’s doing it for fun” factor. Many people refuse to see it as a problem at this point. It’s easy to brush aside the topic, but this form of “entertainment” is a ten-billion-dollar business in our country—bigger than the NFL, the NBA and Major League Baseball combined. So there’s an actual industry devised to keep “porn compulsive behavior” going for the money.
Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy for Pornography Compulsive Behavior

How Will Clinical Hypnotherapy for Compulsive Behavior to Pornography Work For Me?

Clinical hypnotherapy can be a safe, reliable and prompt therapeutic solution when dealing with pornography compulsive behavior for most people.  Plus It Doesn’t Take an Exorbitant Amount of Time (Just a few Weeks), Heres How:

At Orlando Hypnosis Clinic, we don’t view “porn compulsive behavior” as the obstacle but rather the symptom of a much more destructive problem. Our hypnotists for porn compulsive behavior won’t spend countless time on changing the unwanted behavior, “compulsive behavior to pornography,” but instead focus on the negative belief system that is driving it. Once the belief system (cause of the emotion) is resolved, the actions associated with it are no longer critical as the compulsion is no longer useful/beneficial/necessary.   Now, just imagine having a fulfilling and deeply satisfying sex life, free from worry, fear, guilt, and the persistent thoughts and feelings associated with porn compulsive behavior.

What are Belief Systems and How Do They Contribute to Compulsive Behavior to Pornography?

Regular Belief Systems vs. Negative Belief Systems

Belief systems are essential fail-safe’s we all have. They are safely maintained in the subconscious mind so that they aren’t altered (except to be reinforced) by anything coming through the conscious mind. When healthy, a belief system can often prevent you from getting in a car accident, falling, putting our hands in boiling water, etc. On the contrary, negative belief systems can cause misbeliefs (I’m worthless, unsafe, or unwanted), resulting in a surplus of unfounded emotions such as anxiety, depression, and more.

How are Belief Systems are Established Causing Compulsive Behavior to Pornography

Events in our lives establish belief systems. Once an event occurs, we subconsciously understand or resolve it. The lesson (understanding of the cause and effect of the event) now resides in our subconscious mind to protect us. The goal of the subconscious mind at this point is to prevent you from repeating the same event with an unwanted outcome.

Negative belief systems are formed the same way, unfortunately. For example, a previous event, due to its traumatic impact on you emotionally, may be forgotten entirely. As another example, maybe you did remember and were just too young to understand the actual cause and effect of the event. In an effort to continually protect us, the subconscious mind, using the facts as we followed them at the time, creates a misbelief of which you are entirely unaware.  These misbeliefs are at the root of unwanted behaviors.  In this case, porn compulsive behavior.

If I’m Unaware of a Misbelief, How Can It Be Fixed?

Using hypnosis to access the subconscious mind allows us to follow the negative feelings at the source of the pornography compulsive behavior back to where they started. In clinical hypnosis, we refer to the cause of these emotions as the Initial Sensitizing Event (ISE). Through clinical hypnotherapy, we can often resolve the ISE permanently. Since all belief systems are learned, when the ISE is adequately resolved, it can no longer cause emotions and behaviors now, or ever again. Imagine being free from the underlying negative emotions.

Our previous clients state they are happier six months later than they were when they completed their program. Others have come back to say year-to-year they find their lives are progressively better and better. These people were already capable of managing their lives before getting help. Once the ISE was resolved and those stresses removed, they’re able to enjoy their lives more successfully.

I Have a Hard Time Facing Porn Compulsive Behavior, Much Less Talking About It

You don’t need an undesirable label such as addict to realize that you need help. We would never do that. You don’t need to feel guilty or ashamed of a behavior
that is merely a symptom of a more significant problem in your life that:

A. you didn’t ask for
B . were unaware of that’s a driving factor in most of your unwanted behaviors and emotional discomfort.

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