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Hypnosis and hypnotherapy techniques can improve many sleep disorders. Using hypnosis to sleep better has been an accepted practice for many years. Through hypnosis and hypnotherapy, guided by our hypnotherapist, many clients explore emotional issues that disrupt sleep and resolve them.  Here’s a chance to try Deep Sleep from the comfort of yo0ur own home when you need it.

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Some of the more frequent sleep disorders clients come to Orlando Hypnosis clinic for are:

  • Bed wetting. Bed wetting can affect both children and adults. Hypnosis can help identify and resolve behaviors that cause bed wetting.
  • Insomnia. Insomnia responds well to hypnosis techniques. Depression, emotional disturbances, and medication can induce this sleep disorder.
  • Nightmares. Nightmares respond well to hypnosis. In the hypnotic state, clinicians work to calm the anxiety or stress that may cause terrifying dreams.
  • Sleepwalking. Sleepwalking, or somnambulism can occur at any age. Sleep-walking only occurs during deep sleep.

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Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy for Sleep Disorders

Learning effective self-hypnosis skills can help most of our clients to significantly improve their sleep patterns and can help with indirect effects of insomnia and sleep problems such as daytime anxiety and bruxism (teeth grinding during the night).

Generally, our hypnosis & hypnotherapy clients’ sleep problems fall into two categories:

  • Not being able to fall asleep at night.

  • Waking up inconveniently at an early hour and not being able to fall asleep again.

After you’ve tried our Deep Sleep Hypnosis MP3, we offer the free consultation if you feel you need a more one-on-one, professional approach.  You can learn how clinical hypnotherapy for sleep disorders can help you where traditional therapy and sleep studies haven’t been able to.  We only need about an hour of your time and after that, you can make an informed decision about moving forward with us.

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Anxiety, Stress and How It Affects Sleep

One of the most common symptoms of anxiety and stress is sleep disturbance.  Sleeping problems from anxiety and stress can take many forms.

Insomnia can almost always be linked to tension, anxiety, work problems, financial difficulties, an unsatisfactory sex life, domestic crises -any aspect of life that is a source of worry. A severe bout of depression can cause early morning waking or difficulty getting to sleep. Many who suffer from insomnia have great difficulty “switching off” their minds after an active day but may often have a deeper psychological issue present.

  • Inability to get to sleep
  • Fitful and disturbed sleep.
  • Early waking with anxiety preventing further sleep.
  • Lack of proper sleep produces fatigue and even more stress and tension and so a vicious cycle is set up until the sufferer, defeated and exhausted more often than not resorts to sleeping pills.

Clinical Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Can Be Used to Break Unwanted Patterns

  • Re-educate your mind to expect to enjoy a good night’s sleep
  • Learn new relaxation techniques to help your mind and body to slow down at the end of the day. Sleeping becomes much easier in this state.
  • Learn techniques to naturally and without thinking remove some of the noise from a racing mind. Insomnia and most sleep problems are a very modern phenomenon and representative of the pace of modern life
  • In certain instances, it may be necessary to identify and resolve events, current or past, that are subconsciously affecting sleep habits

Hypnotherapy can be used to break the pattern of over thinking at bedtime. Falling asleep is natural for most of us, but for those with a sleep disorder, hypnotherapy can train the subconscious mind to know when and how to sleep. Hypnotherapy can help you reduce over thinking too.

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